Leakage detection technology of lithium battery

Vacuum leak detection technology of lithium battery

As one of the energy storage devices, lithium battery is a kind of battery with lithium metal or lithium alloy as anode material and using non-aqueous electrolyte solution. Lithium batteries can be roughly divided into two categories: lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries. The shape of the lithium battery includes a variable soft package battery and a fixed cylindrical and prismatic shape. Lithium batteries are used in various end products that require long-term energy storage. Due to its light weight and high energy density, it is widely used in smart phones, tablet and notebook computers, mobile communications and electric vehicles.

For example, the large capacity lithium-ion battery under development is also being used in electric vehicles. Lithium batteries will become one of the main power sources of electric vehicles in the 21st century, and will be applied in satellites, aerospace and energy storage. No matter which type of lithium battery, vacuum technology is needed in many links of lithium battery production process.

Reasons for lithium battery leakage detection

A general lithium-ion battery cell consists of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a diaphragm and an electrolyte. The units are arranged inside the package. Due to the active chemical properties of lithium metal, the processing, preservation and use of lithium metal have very high environmental requirements. Lithium battery mainly needs leakage detection at the welding part of the shell. If the electrolyte in the lithium battery leaks out due to the unsealing of the shell, it can react violently with the humid environment, which will not only cause serious harm to the environment and personnel, but also affect the service life of the equipment. Therefore, leakage is required in the assembly and sealing of lithium battery (cylindrical and prismatic units are welded) test.

Leak detection method of lithium battery

Lithium battery leak detection color page vacuum box method leak detection, put the lithium battery to be detected into the vacuum box – press the start button – the detector will automatically advance to the detection position – upper clamp and lower pressure to form a sealing cavity- —Charging helium into the lithium battery through the fixture — if the battery leaks, helium will leak into the vacuum box — the helium mass spectrometer leak detector is connected with the vacuum box, and the leaked helium can be detected — after ng / OK judgment, the fixture is automatically pushed to the standby position, and the counter counts the number of OK / ng products to complete a cycle.

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