Libyan vacuum pump supplier

Libyan vacuum pump supplier is one of the earliest manufacturers of vacuum pumps and vacuum units in China. The company has strong technical force and passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. The products are widely used in casting, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, paper making, petroleum, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, building materials, coal washing, mineral processing, electronics and other industries. The products are exported to Russia, the United States, South Africa, kazakhstan, Egypt and other countries. Popular at home and abroad, well received by users.

Today, I would like to introduce a type of screw vacuum pump supplied by our company in Libya.

Libyan vacuum pump supplier

Screw vacuum pump characteristics

1, no pollution to the pumping system, can obtain a clean vacuum
2, no oil in the pump chamber, very easy to complete the recovery of solvent or discharge into the combustion furnace combustion.
3. Compact structure and small space.
4. Single pump can reach the ultimate pressure of 40Pa~5Pa, with a wide working range.
5. No waste oil or waste water is discharged in the process of work, which is pollution-free to the environment.
6. Low requirements for cooling water. As for pump cooling, ordinary circulating water can meet the requirements, and the cooling water amount is small.
7. Suitable roots vacuum pump can be used according to the working conditions of the system to form a dry vacuum pump unit, which can greatly improve the extraction rate of the upper and lower pressure zone and reduce the power consumption.
8. There is no channel between stages of screw vacuum pump, which can push the gas directly from the suction side to the exhaust side. When condensable gas and dust are removed, it is not easy to block and the cleaning of pump chamber is very convenient.
9, screw vacuum pump can extract flammable, explosive, toxic and other suspicious gases.

Screw vacuum pump in aromatics extraction of application

The application and effect of screw dry pump in aromatic hydrocarbon extraction are introduced.

Aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, xylene) are widely used in the production of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, is a very widely used industrial raw materials. The extraction of aromatics, that is, the separation and production technology of aromatics, is usually carried out by solvent extraction.
The advantages of solvent extraction are obvious:
Firstly, it can increase processing capacity and reduce energy consumption.
Secondly, increase aromatics yield;
Third, saving investment and operating costs.
However, its disadvantages are also accompanied by the problem of pollution and solvent recovery in the process of solvent recovery.

To solve this problem, the GL series of screw dry vacuum pumps produced by EVP is a good solution.
Compared with the traditional water ring pump, rotary vane pump, water jet pump, EVP screw pump has its incomparable advantages.
Firstly, screw vacuum pump belongs to oil-free vacuum pump, the rotor is suspended in the pump chamber without any contact friction, and there is no lubricating oil or organic medium in the chamber, which will not pollute the solvent and reaction kettle.
Secondly, screw vacuum pump can achieve dual condensation mechanism:
One, the screw pump itself compression condensation mechanism, is inherent in its principle;
Two, screw pump external jacket water cooling, using cooling water for condensation, is also an effective way;
The two methods, combined, can greatly improve the recovery rate of solvent.
Moreover, the super low failure rate and long life of the screw dry vacuum pump, together with the super tolerance to harsh environment, have brought better experience for users.

Before, EVP vacuum modified the aromatics extraction process, achieving a very good effect of energy saving and efficiency.

After verification, the application of screw pump in aromatics extraction shows superior performance, saving costs for users, increasing benefits, and contributing to environmental protection.

Screw vacuum pump future development trend

Here again the development trend of screw vacuum pump, because only a pair of screw, screw vacuum pump and they have a gap between, so screw vacuum pump work, the noise is very low, uniform speed, do not need lubricating oil is the most important of working time, so the dry vacuum pump can work in a large number of water vapor in the wet state, is a very good and super energy-saving vacuum pump.

2019 years have past in the past time, through the observation with the screw vacuum pump product market, this will lead to a general manufacturer production cannot meet the conditions of no oil vacuum pump, so the screw vacuum pump produced by our company a competitive advantage in the market is more and more obvious, so the screw vacuum pump has replaced many vacuum pump products, my company’s many clients have changed into the screw vacuum pump.

Through the above analysis can be directly seen that the screw vacuum pump market prospects are very good, there is a great potential for development, EVP vacuum equipment co., ltd. all staff welcome all VIP customers to our company to inspect our production of screw vacuum pump, need to visit customers can make an appointment in advance.

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