Liquid ring compressor definition

Liquid ring compressor working principle

The common liquid ring compressor is the same as the liquid ring vacuum pump, and its impeller is installed eccentrically in the shell. Under the action of centrifugal force of high-speed rotating impeller, the sealing liquid in the shell forms a closed liquid ring along the inner wall. Liquid ring compressor casing body configuration flat disk of gas distributor is set up when the gas is like suction channel and the compression of the half moon, the two channels of the impeller blade split from small to large gas suction space and from large to small gas compression space, in the high-speed rotating impeller and gas is continuously suction need to deal with in the process of compressed gas is fed into the compressor outlet piping.

Liquid ring compressor characteristics

Different from other types of compressors, the liquid ring compressor is a variable-volume compressor, which takes the sealing fluid into the shell as the working medium. The centrifugal force is transferred to the sealing fluid by the blades of the impeller, which generates the suction and compression force similar to that of the piston. Its main features are as follows:

1. Gases and liquids can be mixed and transported. Part of the liquid carried in the inhaled gas will not have a bad effect on the normal operation of the compressor;

2. Gas inlet and outlet pipeline configuration is simple, easy to operate and manage;

3. Under the condition that the sealing liquid temperature is properly controlled, the temperature rise of the treated gas is small and the exhaust temperature is low in the process of suction and compression discharge, so it is not necessary to add a complex gas cooling system.

4. Liquid ring compressor has simple structure, only one rotating part, no metal contact, few faults, easy maintenance;

5. Because of the high speed rotary continuous suction compressor compressed gas, its outlet pressure and flow will not produce significant fluctuations;

6. Liquid ring compressor is especially suitable for dealing with gases that are easy to decompose under high temperature, inflammable and explosive gases, gases without solid particles, insoluble or slightly soluble in sealing liquid and corrosive gases.

Liquid ring compressor definition

Liquid ring compressor definition

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