Vacuum unit system for corn drying

Corn is not easy to dry before storage. Corn stores more water, sometimes up to 20% or more. This will bring difficulties to the storage of corn, so efforts should be made to reduce the moisture storage of corn. This is particularly important. According to the thermal characteristics and market requirements of corn thermal sensitive material drying, considering its thermal stability and fracture sensitivity, the production test method of vacuum unit system low temperature drying technology was adopted, and the vacuum unit system was applied to high temperature moisture corn. The process and method are analyzed.

Vacuum unit system for corn drying

When the moisture content of corn is 24%, the high temperature water in the vacuum unit system keeps the vacuum in the drying tower, and the initial precipitation reaches 10% ~ 15%. It ensures the color, aroma, taste, shape and nutrition of corn quality. It has the advantages of good drying quality, fast precipitation, high yield, low energy consumption, convenient operation and high cost performance.

High vacuum is conducive to evaporation at lower temperature, but high vacuum is not conducive to heat conduction, which will affect the heating effect of materials.

The drying rate is the main index to reflect the moisture transfer rate of maize. On the premise of ensuring the drying quality, the drying speed should be increased as much as possible.

For the treatment of high moisture corn, drying tower (dryer) drying, manual drying, natural drying, mechanical ventilation and other ways are generally used. Drying tower (dryer) can remove a large amount of water, but it will reduce the quality of corn, resulting in quality decline; artificial drying natural drying will not cause thermal damage, but requires a lot of labor, which is equivalent to the need to increase the acquisition cost. Compared with the previous two methods of ventilation, the two methods are not only convenient to use, but also need lower cost of drying.

Vacuum unit system

Vacuum unit system in making wet stored corn of advantages

1. On the basis of dry matter, the content of starch and protein in wet storage corn was close to that of dry corn, but the starch digestibility was higher.

2. Reduce the drying or drying of corn, save manpower and energy.

3. Reduce the loss of corn ear and seed, because it is easy to drop when it is dry, which can increase the yield per unit area.

4. It can be harvested early to avoid bad weather conditions and reduce the manual and mechanical pressure caused by centralized harvesting.

5. The varieties with long growth period but high yield can be selected to increase the yield per mu through timely harvest.

6, corn cob and eucalyptus leaves can be crushed and stored as needed to improve biomass, supplement digestible fibers, and reduce the risk of ruminal acidosis caused by rapid decomposition of starch.

The low temperature drying technology of the vacuum unit system provides experience for the drying of similar performance products, and has unique environmental protection, energy saving effect and innovation. After the vacuum unit system benefits from high moisture corn, it is also highly valued by food, feed, food, chemical industry, environmental protection and other related industries, and has great market development value. The vacuum unit system has high energy saving efficiency, about 30% energy saving, good quality, low noise, small vibration, environmental protection, and solid structure.

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