Liquid ring vacuum pump action of which several types

Liquid ring vacuum pump according to the way of action which several kinds

Liquid ring vacuum pump wide range of use, often used to pump a variety of gas and do not contain solid particles of corrosive gas, today to introduce the liquid ring vacuum pump according to the way of action classification:

(1) single action

Impeller and pump body is a single eccentricity, impeller rotation, a suction, exhaust. This kind of liquid ring vacuum pump has simple structure, easy manufacture, large suction and exhaust window area, long compression section, when used as vacuum pump, can obtain higher efficiency and ultimate vacuum.

At the same time, because the pump body wall is cylindrical, smooth without mutation, the operation of the liquid ring is not easy to produce eddy current and cavitation corrosion, especially suitable for corrosive liquid ring.

But the pump rotor radial force asymmetry, not suitable for working pressure greater than 0.1MPa compressor. In the process of trial production, the gas volume is not easy to change.

(ii) double action

Double-acting liquid ring vacuum pump impeller and pump body are double eccentric, impeller every rotation, inhalation, exhaust for two times. Under the same pumping speed, the double-acting liquid ring vacuum pump is much smaller in size and weight than the single-acting liquid ring vacuum pump.

Double action can be divided into radial, axial suction, exhaust two kinds, this kind of structure is more complex, manufacturing requirements are a little strict. Liquid ring vacuum pump body base circle and the two eccentric circle junction point for mutations, liquid ring along the wall movement, vortex near the point is, not only partial loss is big, efficiency is low, and because of the vortex cavitation, which at the time of liquid ring corrosive, easy to produce the joint action of cavitation corrosion one flush, pump body and impeller damage faster.

At the same time, because the compression section is short, the vacuum pump has a low limit vacuum and a small volume of air in the high vacuum area, but the radial force of the rotor can be automatically balanced.

In a word, double acting is more suitable for compressor. In addition, in the process of trial production, the gas basin can be changed by changing the eccentric circle radius of the pump body to make the performance adjustment easier. Under the same impeller size, the theoretical gas site is one times larger than the single action.

In the actual operation, for the same performance requirements of the water ring vacuum pump, if designed to double and single action to compare, regardless of the pump volume or weight, the two are not different, and even single action will be smaller than double action. Because of the same impeller circumferential velocity, the volume efficiency of single action is much higher than that of double action.

Liquid ring vacuum pump action of which several types

Liquid ring vacuum pump action of which several types

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