Liquid ring vacuum pump for power generation industry

Industry Pioneer Expanding the Limit of Vacuum Pump Design

Our pioneering work in developing early power plant equipment for the power industry is the basis of our current market leadership.
Today, we provide advanced vacuum systems for thermal, nuclear and even solar power plants. With nearly 100 years of expertise and innovation, we can break through the limits of vacuum system design to meet your specific power generation requirements.

Professional knowledge you can rely on

Vacuum system design plays an important role in the performance of the whole power plant. Our design conforms to global and industry standards, can provide you with standard packaging, can be customized according to your specific application.

Fully automatic CEP package

Our CEP package is fully automated to meet the typical specifications of large steam turbine equipment developed by major utility companies and independent power producers.

Low Capacity SCP Packet

Our SCP packages meet the requirements of low capacity factories for industrial and marine applications. If your requirements are more complex, which may include a mixing system with a special recirculation system, or a combination of liquid ring pumps, air or steam ejectors, we can design a customized system that meets your specific requirements.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for power generation industry

Electricity industry

Has been continuously committed to the development and research of this product, improve its application in various industries. With the continuous development of the power industry, the liquid ring vacuum pump and a set of units are constantly optimized for various applications in this field, which gradually reduces the cost of power generation and greatly improves the efficiency of power generation. At present, the performance of thousands of liquid ring vacuum pumps installed in the power industry has spread all over the world.

Condenser Vacuum

Vacuum pumps and complete sets of units can be used for vacuum pumping and vacuum maintenance of condensers.
During the vacuum extraction stage, the air and other non-condensable gases in the condenser are extracted from the initial vacuum when the steam has not been introduced into the condenser; during the vacuum maintenance stage, the vacuum pump continues to work to extract the leaking dry air during the operation of the condenser. The back pressure of the condenser is maintained at the optimum working point to ensure the efficient operation of the steam turbine. Improve the thermal efficiency of power plants. The TC, AT and 2BW series liquid ring units optimized can satisfy the reliable operation of users under various complex operating conditions.

Vacuum water absorption

In this regard, the vacuum pump is used to maintain a siphon in the cooling water system of power generation equipment, so that the cooling water circulating pump can keep working at the designed flow rate with the lowest power consumption. The liquid ring pump is an ideal choice in this respect.

flue gas desulfurization

When flue gas is desulfurized, gypsum slurry will be produced, which needs to be dehydrated by vacuum belt filter to form gypsum products. Some impurities, water vapor and a small amount of water generated by filtration will enter the vacuum pump. Water is used as working medium in the liquid ring pump, and there is a large gap between components, which can effectively energy in this working condition. It is an ideal choice for users to run well enough to meet the needs of customers.

Fly ash transportation

Fly ash is transferred from the vacuum cleaner funnel to the central drying collection point by means of fluid transport. The main advantage of this kind of transmission system is that because the dust is transmitted in vacuum, any leakage is accompanied by air entering, and the dust will not be discharged outward. Pump has the ability to withstand dust entering the pump, is the best choice of conveying equipment.

Turbine Secret Seal Pipe Exhaust

Steam turbines are sealed with sealing tubes to avoid air leakage. These sealing tubes are sealed by steam. In order to achieve its design performance, excess steam and condensate must be continuously removed.

Vacuum exhaust

Boiler water must be exhausted before entering the system, usually by degasser. A vacuum device is placed on the degasser to prepare water flow through the vacuum device and remove all dissolved gases before entering the system.

Exhaust Geothermal Gas

Similar to the condenser exhaust, the exhaust of geothermal gas includes the exhaust of air and other non-condensable gases from the steam space of the condenser. However, in geothermal power generation equipment, the steam used to drive the turbine comes from the earth and contains a large number of corrosive gases. These gases must be discharged in the most effective way possible.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for power generation technology

By working with engineers and operators in the power industry, we can go beyond the limits of vacuum system design and create solutions to meet increasingly demanding application requirements.
The best solution to meet your requirements:
Configure the standard suite to suit your needs
Reliability:compliance with global and industry standards
Be assured:comprehensive factory acceptance test, including saturated air test capability

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