Liquid ring vacuum pump for pumping gases and steam

As the working fluid, the liquid ring vacuum pump uses water or liquid compatible with the gas or steam to be evacuated. This type of pump is desirable because it can be sealed with fluid and process gas / vapor, which will damage other types of pump (i.e. oil seal), which is cheaper. High reliability because of its simplicity.

Liquid ring vacuum pump widely used

The liquid ring vacuum pump can obtain the limit vacuum in the process of use, and the equipment can also be used as its compressor in the process of use. The liquid ring vacuum pump is a low-pressure compressor, and its pressure range is about 2 × 100Pa gauge pressure in the process of use

The liquid ring vacuum pump is a self-priming pump in the process of use. The products are gradually used by mining, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum and other industries. There are many technological processes in the process of industrial production, such as vacuum water diversion, vacuum evaporation, vacuum moisture regain and so on.

Liquid ring vacuum pump can be widely used, mainly because of the rapid development of its application technology. In the process of using the equipment, the gas compression in the water ring pump is isothermal, so the explosive and flammable gas can be removed, and the gas containing water and dust can also be removed in the process of using.

The liquid ring vacuum pump can work in the process of using when it is filled with appropriate amount of water. When it is used, the impeller in the equipment rotates clockwise according to the figure. This is that the water will be directly thrown around by the impeller, and the equipment will form a shape determined by the pump cavity under the action of centrifugal force.

The lower part of the water ring of the liquid ring vacuum pump is just tangent to the impeller, and the inner surface of the upper part of the water ring is just in contact with the top of the blade. At this time, a crescent shaped space will be formed between the water ring and the impeller directly, which is also equal to several small cavities.

In the process of using liquid ring vacuum pump, it mainly depends on the change of the volume of the pump cavity to effectively realize the function of exhaust and suction. The structure of the equipment is relatively simple, and the requirements of its precision are not high in the process of manufacturing, so it is very easy to process.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for pumping gases and steam

Liquid ring vacuum pump for pumping gases and steam

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