Liquid Ring vacuum pump/ Liquid ring compressor in Environmental

Aeration is one very necessary function in many environmental applications, EVP liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors can be used in the following processes: gases compression ; materials collection; and aeration etc.

water ring vacuum pump

2BV Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Waste water treatment

EVP vacuum pump provides the pumping pressure required to drain the waste water and is used to clean the sewer pipe network.

Biogas compression

EVP liquid ring pump draws biogas from the top of the tank and recycles it to improve mixing and reaction speed. The pump’s working fluid cools the biogas by absorbing compressed heat, providing an almost isothermal operating mode that extends the life of downstream valves, burners and motors and reduces maintenance costs. The contaminated gas is filtered through a water ring and partially dried. In this way, the gas is oxidized and returned to the wastewater treatment process.

Wastewater purification

To reduce the space requirements and costs of wastewater treatment plants, a growing number of activated sludge tanks are being set up. The introduction of oxygen is extremely important for purifying wastewater. EVP compressors supply the pressure required for maximum oxygen yield.

Fish pond ventilation

Blowing the wind into the fish pond can greatly improve the quality of life of the fish. By using a EVP liquid ring pump, the oxygen content of the water can be greatly increased, which can increase the number of fish in the fish twice or even triple. The heat generated by the pump can also be used to regulate the water temperature. The oxygen contained in the water can greatly accelerate the growth and reproduction of the fish and greatly increase the yield.

Waste treatment Truck

EVP liquid ring vacuum pump is installed on the truck to remove industrial waste that cannot be digested by the water treatment plant.

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