Dry scroll vacuum pump technology present situation and the development trend analysis

1,The concept of oilless scroll vacuum pump is quite long, the world in the early 20th century had scroll technology patents.But due to the technology level of restrictions, dry scroll vacuum pump manufacturing not to come out, the concept of scroll is forgotten.1973 scroll institution be rethought and produce the first model agency, made it possible to practical application of this technology.Vortex institutions of high reliability, smooth operation, low noise, energy saving potential and huge advantage immediately cause the attention of the refrigerator industry and urgent needs, and preferred by industry leaders and was quickly put into industrial application.


Today scroll  technology is from initial application in the compressor industry promotion to the vacuum pump manufacturing, has realized the full oil-free vacuum pump, run more smoothly, lower noise, more energy saving vortex clean vacuum technology in practical application.People used the concept and principle of vortex produced the application of vacuum equipment and environment polluting and pumping speed, life, energy consumption and other indicators are superior to ordinary oil pump of single stage, double vortex oil-free vacuum pump series products.


In the early 90 s of the last century, the world’s first dry scroll vacuum pump, vortex technology began as a new type of vacuum technology used widely in the world.So far, the scroll vacuum pump manufacturers in the world focused on the United States, Japan and Europe, with Anest1wata in Japan, the United States Varian, such as Germany’s Bush.Products include since 0.25 L/S – 1 ol/S series of products, some 15 L/S or more swept volume of products is also in the experimental stage.


2, the characteristics and application of vortex oil-free vacuum pump

A clean vacuum environment has been the corporate scientists and the pursuit of an ideal vacuum environment.Since can create a vacuum environment, people tried to use different means to achieve the effect of vacuum cleaning.Today, clean vacuum to obtain equipment have been developed to pump, condensate pump, column claw type pump, turbp molecular vacuum pump , vortex pump and diaphragm pump and other products.Among the existing oil-free vacuum pump, vortex oil-free vacuum pump compared with other kinds of oil-free vacuum pump are characterized by their smooth operation, low noise, saving energy, the characteristics of light weight, small volume

Oil-free scroll vacuum pump has been widely used in the following scientific research and production fields: semiconductor thin film preparation equipment, semiconductor packaging equipment;Vacuum metallurgical industry vacuum furnace, nanomaterials preparation equipment and vacuum testing equipment;Scientific instruments industry synchrotron radiation beam line, electron microscope, analysis test instrument;Medical equipment of dental instruments, dialysis machine;Biological products industry materials purification, pharmaceutical preparation;Food packaging industry, medicine, biological products and other packaging equipment.

3, Dry scroll vacuum pump working principle, technical index, and compared with common oil pump

Vortex vortex disk oil-free vacuum pump is a latch onto a plane at one end of one or several type involute spiral form a vortex disk structure.A static vortex disk with a dynamic vortex disk of a pair of orbiting scroll pay constitutes the basic of vortex oil-free vacuum pump.In the two-stage vortex oil-free vacuum pump, for example, there are two directions corresponding to the fixed vortex disk, a rotation between two orbiting scroll vortex disk.Oil-free vacuum pump dynamic and static vortex disk of relative movement form crescent vacuum cavity volume changing make gas from bleeding point to inhale, vent discharge, discharge cycle.Vortex oil-free vacuum pump than rotary vane vacuum pumps, rotary piston vacuum pump and other vacuum pumps has more characteristics of pumping speed and more energy-saving.

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