Liquid ring vacuum pump make

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The principle is that the operation method in the operation of the machine and equipment aims at the natural environment and operation method of the application. If the principle of the liquid ring vacuum pump is not well mastered, it is likely to endanger all its normal application efficiency in the application.

Measurement knowledge of three technical values of liquid ring vacuum pump

With the continuous progress of science and technology, there are many kinds of media that can be pumped by various kinds of vacuum pump equipment, so they have achieved good development. In order to maintain the normal working efficiency, the liquid ring vacuum pump should not only maintain properly, but also measure the standard pressure, consumption power and working temperature. Therefore, the following editor will introduce the measurement knowledge of its three technical values for you.

1、 Standard pressure measurement
(1) Principle: install the specified test cover on the vacuum pump port, and detect the standard pressure in the vacuum pump under the balance temperature.
(2) Step: close the fine adjustment valve on the equipment, turn on the vacuum pump for at least 1H, and measure the pressure at an interval of 30min. When three consecutive measurements show that the pressure does not change, the standard pressure is reached. Record the readings of vacuum pump compression vacuum gauge and total pressure vacuum gauge respectively, and keep two useful figures.

2、 Power consumption measurement
(1) Principle: use the power meter to detect the input power of the vacuum pump drive motor, and then multiply it by the efficiency under different loads, which is the consumption power of the vacuum pump.
(2) Step: after closing the fine tuning valve and auxiliary air inlet valve, start the vacuum pump for operation. After the vacuum pump temperature is balanced, open the regulating valve and auxiliary air inlet valve to make the pressure in the vacuum pump stable from low to high point by point. At the same time, take the power value at the side.

3、 Working temperature measurement
After the equipment operates for 1H under the standard pressure, fix the thermometer on other side temperature parts near the exhaust valve and observe for 30min continuously. If the temperature change is not more than 1 ℃, the end temperature indicated by the thermometer is the working temperature of the vacuum pump.

The above is the introduction of the measurement principle and step knowledge of the three technical values of standard pressure, consumption power and working temperature of our liquid ring vacuum pump. I believe it will be very helpful for you to master. In addition, the premise of our technical value measurement of the equipment is that the design of the vacuum pump is reasonable, otherwise, the measurement result will be inaccurate, and we hope you can know it well.

Liquid ring vacuum pump make

Liquid ring vacuum pump make


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