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The body temperature basically moves at a constant speed. Too high or too low temperature is harmful to all kinds of operation and adjustment of people’s body. Many machines and equipment used by people are like this, such is the situation of imported vacuum pump.

The dynamic mass spectrometer is usually used to analyze the vapor and measure the working pressure accurately under the standard of liquid ring vacuum pump. If there are liquid particles in the transported substance, the pump channel must be equipped with a filter screen; if there are ferromagnetic particles, a magnetic filter must be added.

The working temperature of liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer in application shall be lower than 50 ℃, and the motor temperature shall not exceed 70 ℃. After 1500 hours of normal operation of the magnetic pump, it is necessary to repair the damage of the rolling bearing and the inner hole moving ring, and dismantle and replace the parts that can not be replaced again. For the substance that the transport fluid is easy to sink and settle the crystal, it is necessary to immediately clean up and drain the liquid in the pump after application. The imported vacuum pump must always be clean, and no other items can be placed on the imported vacuum pump, and the safety channel around the pump can not be blocked for stronger maintenance and practical operation.

1、 Causes of high temperature in vacuum pump manufacturers and Solutions

Fan speed is low, air pressure and exhaust air volume are small. The motor has high rated power, large electric flow and large calorific value. The number of fan blades is too small, resulting in small exhaust air volume. The voltage of the bus of the imported vacuum pump motor is 220V. Because of the pressure drop of the cable and the uneven distribution of the load, the working voltage of the motor can only be 366v in fact. The working voltage is slightly low, which leads to the large amount of operating current. Motor with dust, oil stains, reduce the heat pipe cooling capacity.

Solution: the rated power and speed ratio of the motor are consistent with that of the imported vacuum pump and cannot be changed. The fan is installed on the main shaft bearing of the motor, and the speed of the motor determines the speed of the fan, which can not be replaced. Although the total number of lifting fan blades can have necessary effect, the rotor dynamic balance is not easy to find after the total number of leaves is increased. If the alignment is not good, the motor vibration will be increased. The original fan cover is lengthened by 50cm, and an axial-flow fan with the same diameter as the fan cover is refitted inside. The rated power of the motor of the axial-flow fan is 900W, the rotating speed ratio is 1489r / min, and the working voltage is 220V. Save the original fan again. The clothing school of axial-flow fan is equipped with another way of switching power operation, and the axial-flow fan and the main motor are not interlocked. The axial-flow fan shall be started immediately after the start of the imported vacuum pump, and the axial-flow fan shall be stopped 40 minutes after the start of the imported vacuum pump, so that the main motor can be cooled with sufficient water; the dust on the motor shall be removed every quarter, the radiator of the motor shall be kept clean, and the heat pipe heat dissipation capacity shall be improved; the bus voltage of the imported vacuum pump shall be adjusted to 350 v.

2、 Basic principle of anti return oil equipment of imported vacuum pump

In order to prevent the vacuum pump oil from returning to the vessel being pumped when the pump is stopped, it is very important to embed the pump stop anti return equipment.

Basic principle of anti return oil valve of imported vacuum pump: reliable anti return oil equipment at air inlet, bidirectional maintenance, no return oil, ensuring the safety of ultrafiltration device.

Maintenance 1: turn off the ultrafiltration device when the pump stops;

Maintenance 2: turn off the fuel pipe and pump air to the pump chamber when the pump is stopped.

During the operation period of the imported vacuum pump, the control piston rod maintains the tightness against the elastic yellow under the steam pressure effect. The disc of the anti reverse suction valve is kept at a lower position (the gate valve is open) because of its weight. After the pump is shut down, the steam pressure decreases and the spring yellow will push the control piston rod upward. In this way, a channel is created between the fuel tank and the piston rod of the anti reverse suction valve. Left and right are the detailed introduction of the basic principle of the anti return oil valve of the imported vacuum pump. Compared with the vacuum pump manufacturers that operate the anti return valve with the Yellow bullet, the actual effect of anti return oil is stronger, the repair rate is lower, and the maintenance is easier.

Liquid ring vacuum pump professional manufacturers‎

Liquid ring vacuum pump professional manufacturers‎

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