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Liquid ring vacuum pump winding method

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of equipment which is widely used in the pump industry. It is also a common pump product. It can make good use of vacuum technology to achieve higher efficiency pumping and drainage work, so it is very popular. There are many components in it. Among them, the existence of wire turn is very helpful to the winding of the equipment. So, what are the specific winding methods?

1. Remove the round copper wire winding. Due to the simple structure of round copper wire down winding of liquid ring vacuum pump and the evolution of off-line technology, the end of off-line winding is short, less copper is used, and the resistance and leakage resistance are small; the half open slot slot matched with off-line is relatively small, which is beneficial to reducing the amplitude of tooth harmonic, equalizing the air gap magnetic field, improving the performance of submersible sewage pump, reducing the temperature rise and increasing the output, and the half open slot or small matched with half formed winding Half open slot.

2. Formed winding. The forming winding of liquid ring vacuum pump is generally wound by flat wire. Through the process of expanding, shaping, pressing and wrapping insulation, the cross-sectional area of a flat wire is much larger than that of a Φ 1.5 Φ 1.6 round wire of the scattered winding, so the number of parallel winding of conductor is much smaller, and the area of conductor insulation occupying slot is less; the area of four corners of flat wire is less than that of four corners of multiple round wire Much more, the tank has a high fill factor.

The above is the detailed introduction of two winding methods of liquid ring vacuum pump. The specific winding actually refers to a group of wire turns of the electrical circuit whose composition corresponds to a certain voltage value marked by the transformer. In the actual use process, we must choose the appropriate method according to the use of the equipment and the surrounding environment.

Influence of environment on vacuum application

The so-called conventional vacuum process refers to the vacuum process without special requirements. Such vacuum installation (equipment) requires vacuum sanitation:

(1) All parts of vacuum equipment in vacuum shall be free from accumulated pollution sources, dust, iron chips and rust;
(2) The outer surface of the vacuum chamber of the vacuum equipment shall be lubricated, free from soft tissues, pores, internal welds and other defects affecting the vacuum;
(3) In the high vacuum equipment, the moving parts in the vacuum chamber shall not use engine oil as the lubricator, and the diffusion pump oil and silicone oil with saturated vapor pressure shall be used as the lubricator; the sealing parts of flange and inspection window shall be coated with high vacuum grease;
(4) Generally, vacuum equipment should work in a clean air circulation environment with a temperature of 15-30 ℃ and a relative humidity of not more than 70%. The temperature of cooling water inlet water should not be higher than 25 ℃.

Liquid ring vacuum pump quotation

Liquid ring vacuum pump quotation

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