Engraving machine vacuum pump

The vacuum pump of engraving machine plays an important role in the work of engraving machine. Recently, the manufacturers of EVP vacuum pump have sorted out the knowledge of vacuum pump of lower engraving machine for your reference.

The vacuum pump of engraving machine is designed by our company according to the requirement of woodworking numerical control engraving adsorption, combined with the comprehensive parameters of water ring vacuum pump and the actual situation of numerical control engraving. It is specially used for woodworking adsorption, glass adsorption, metal adsorption and so on. It needs vacuum adsorption, vacuum traction, vacuum lifting and vacuum intermittent feeding. Negative pressure device.

The vacuum pump of engraving machine consists of main negative pressure power source water ring vacuum pump, vacuum check valve, muffler, solenoid valve, air switch, filter, water bath dusting tank (user selection), circulating water tank, pipeline and valve.

The vacuum pump of engraving machine is widely used for vacuum adsorption of thin and smooth metal products, glass, paper, density board, wood board, plexiglass, PVC board, etc. It can also be used in vacuum casting of gold and silver jewelry, impregnation with temperature, wood grain transfer printing of aluminium alloy and other industries.

Standard of adsorption system of engraving machine: pump + water tank + base + filter + check valve.


Engraving machine vacuum pump structure:

1. Inhalation port; connecting woodworking engraving machine adsorption pipeline, external diameter 47 mm.

2. Dust removal cover (user selection): Prevent wood chips and other debris from entering the pump.

3. Check valve; when shutdown, prevent water from flowing back into the vacuum table.

4. Intake pipe; inject working fluid (water) into the pump, and the equipment produces vacuum.

5. The intake valve controls the flow rate of working fluid. Before starting the pump, the valve must be fully opened and the water has entered the pump to start the vacuum pump.

6. Drainage outlet; about 10 days after the equipment is used, the working fluid in the water tank is emptied and the clean softened water is replaced.

7. Exhaust port; the gas generated in the process of adsorption is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust port. The exhaust port can not be blocked. It can not connect the pipeline with a diameter of more than two meters or the pipeline with a diameter of less than five cm. Otherwise, it is very easy to overload and damage the motor.

8. Upper water inlet; add water to the water tank until the upper water outlet runs outward, and add water regularly before starting the vacuum pump every day to ensure that there is sufficient working fluid in the water tank.

9. Water tank; hold working fluid.

Engraving machine vacuum pump use method:

Special tips: Every time you open the vacuum pump, you must ensure that there is water in the vacuum pump! The liquid level should be above the motor shaft!

1. The suction port is connected with the adsorption pipeline of the engraving machine and sealed strictly to prevent leakage.

2. When starting for the first time, use a screwdriver to pull the motor fan to ensure that the impeller is not stuck.

3. Connect the power supply of the motor and adjust the direction of operation to conform to the standard.

4. Fill the tank with water until the upper water level runs.

5. Open the water injection valve into the pump and wait for three minutes to ensure that the working fluid flows into the pump.

6. Start the motor, the vacuum pump starts to work, and the adsorption table produces the adsorption effect.

7. Install motor overload protector to prevent motor overload from burning down!

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