Roots vacuum pump rotor

Roots vacuum pump rotor line type selection to be optimistic about these points

Roots vacuum pump is simple in structure and economical in operation. Different types of roots vacuum pump can also adapt to high, medium and low vacuum fields, so it is widely used. However, there are many plants of Roots vacuum pump, and the products will be different with different mold lines and processing techniques. Intuitively said that the choice of rotor type line type, to be optimistic about what aspects.

Common two-lobed or three-lobed Rotors with straight blades

The rotor profile of Roots vacuum pump is generally formed by the combination of arc, involute and cycloid. The theoretical profile should ensure that the two rotors always engage in the process of rotation, while the actual profile should leave an appropriate gap between the rotors on the basis of the theoretical profile.

And roots vacuum pump rotor shape there are two blades, three blades, torsion blade difference, but no matter how diverse roots vacuum pump rotor profile, in the selection should take into account the following points:

1, to ensure that the vacuum pump has a good working performance, the volume utilization coefficient should be as large as possible, intuitively that is, the rotor in the pump cavity occupies less volume.

2. The rotor shall have good symmetry, good interchangeability and smooth operation.

3, the rotor to have enough strength, good processing technology.

The above points are the necessary conditions for roots vacuum pump to achieve good performance, so we should pay attention to the choice of Roots vacuum pump.

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