Milk sucking vacuum pump

Single barrel vacuum pump milking machine

Single barrel vacuum pump milking machine is suitable for small cattle farmers and cattle farms milking machine, is designed according to the national standard technical requirements, with reliable performance, effective reserve, low noise, simple operation and other advantages. The milking machine works in a horizontal state and is generally adjusted when it leaves the factory. It can be pushed to the side of the cow for milking. It can also be connected as a vacuum air source for pipeline milking.

Single barrel vacuum pump milking machine is compact and reasonable in structure. Vacuum tank is adopted to prevent accidental negligence. After a large amount of milk is filled in the milk bucket or the milk bucket is knocked over, the milk is pumped into the vacuum tank through the rubber tube to prevent accidents in the vacuum pump. Equipped with vacuum regulator, milk bucket made of stainless steel, with rubber sealing ring, work to form a sealed container. The milking cup is equipped with a milk collector, which is an important measure to protect the breast and is equipped with a stop suction valve. The pulsation waveform of INTERPULS is very stable and reliable.

A milk sucking vacuum pump for milking machines.

Milk sucking vacuum pump

2BE series water ring vacuum pump with compressor is our company according to many years of scientific results and production experience, combined with the international similar products developed efficient products. It is widely used to pump non-solid particles, insoluble in water and non-corrosive gas. A vacuum and pressure are formed in a closed container.

Milk sucking vacuum pump price

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