Roots vacuum pump in naphthol distillation

At present, the problems in the distillation process of 2-naphthol are as follows: the distillation time is long, more than 12 hours per batch; there are many distillation residues. The vacuum pump manufacturer analyzed the reason: because the distillation process took a long time and the distillation temperature was relatively high, the amount of coking resin, the residue after distillation, was relatively large. So how to solve this problem? EVP vacuum pump manufacturers recommend the application of Roots vacuum pump in raw material 2-naphthol distillation process. Next, let’s analyze it.

In order to solve the problems existing in the distillation process of 2-naphthol, the process and equipment were used to solve the problems. After analysis and research, our company thinks that we should consider the factor of improving vacuum degree at present. Theoretically speaking, the increase of temperature will speed up the Resinification of materials, and the long residence time of materials will increase the amount of resin. Improving the vacuum degree in the pot is undoubtedly the best way to solve these two problems.

First, the boiling point of the material can be reduced after the vacuum degree is increased, that is, the bubble point temperature in the distillation operation can be reduced.

Secondly, increasing the vacuum degree can increase the driving force of distillation and accelerate the evaporation rate of materials.

In the distillation process, we used to use a common reciprocating vacuum pump. Its performance parameters are: the pumping rate is 150L / s, the limit vacuum degree is 2600pa, and the motor power is 15kw. Now the method is to select the roots vacuum pump with high vacuum degree and the piston vacuum pump in series, the vacuum degree and the pumping rate will be greatly improved.


The features of Roots vacuum pump are: quick start, low power consumption, low operation and maintenance cost, large pumping speed and high efficiency. It is not sensitive to a small amount of water vapor and dust contained in the extracted gas. It has a large pumping speed within the pressure range of 100-1 PA, and can quickly remove the suddenly released gas. This pressure range is just between the oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump and the diffusion pump. Therefore, it is often connected in series between the diffusion pump and the oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump, which is used to improve the pumping capacity of the intermediate pressure range. At this time it is also known as a mechanical booster pump.

Roots vacuum pump is widely used in smelting, degassing and rolling in vacuum metallurgy, vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration and vacuum drying in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Vacuum pump accessories for vacuum pump noise control, vacuum pump muffler.

Through the comparison of the above data, it can be seen that after the application of Roots vacuum pump in the distillation process of raw material 2-naphthol:

1. Shorten the operation time of the whole section and improve the distillation rate.

2. Reduce the temperature of distillation end point and resin tendency of materials.

In the production process, roots vacuum pump and piston vacuum pump are used in series in the recovery section of raw material 2-naphthol distillation, which can effectively shorten the operation time, reduce the amount of resin residue and reduce the raw material consumption of the product.

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