Roots vacuum pump is used for electrolyte filling and degassing

Electrolyte charging and degassing

The uniformity of the electrolyte in the battery is the key to the quality of the battery. Therefore, each battery (pocket-, cylindrical- or prismatic battery) must be evacuated before the initial charge and degassed continuously during the charge.

Roots vacuum pump design

Roots vacuum pump design

Since the roots vacuum pump is widely used, its advantages needless to say, everyone already knows it, and today we will talk about things you may not know, how the design of the roots vacuum pump deepens its performance characteristics.

The main part of the Roots vacuum pump design is the rotor, and the contour is the key to the rotor. When designing, ensure that the accuracy of the selected bearing is correct, and select the appropriate bearing model according to the working conditions. Taking into account the thermal shrinkage of the rotor in the axial direction, the rotor shaft must have a gear end so that the shaft can move axially due to thermal shrinkage and other factors. The axial gap between the rotor at the moving end of the shaft and the side end surface, and the axial gap between the rotor at the fixed end of the shaft and the end cover are selected within the appropriate standard range. Control the precision of gears.

What is said above is the correct Roots vacuum pump design. We need to remind everyone again that during the operation, we need to choose the appropriate one according to ourselves, and combine it with the correct use method to achieve good results.

Roots vacuum pump precautions for using

Roots vacuum pump precautions for using

1. Roots pumps cannot be used alone. Roots pumps need to be equipped with a backing pump.

2. Roots pumps are mostly used in Roots vacuum units. Its function is to increase the pumping speed and the vacuum of the backing pump. The Roots pump needs to be equipped with a bypass valve in the middle part connected with the foreline pump, which can effectively protect the Roots pump. If the pumping of the foreline pump is unstable or other factors cause the entire unit to work abnormally with a bypass valve The valve’s roots pump will protect the roots pump at this time, thereby extending the life of the entire vacuum unit.

3. When choosing a Roots pump, you need to pay attention to which type of sealing method is for the wearing parts of the Roots pump. If the sealing method of the Roots pump chooses the shaft sleeve seal, the work efficiency will be greatly reduced. When choosing a Roots pump Special attention is required when pumping.

4. If the vacuum of the Roots pump decreases during use, it is necessary to check whether the gap between the rotors of the Roots pump has changed. If the rotor gap of the Roots pump becomes larger, you need to replace the rotor. Roots pump, because this type of Roots pump does not balance the rotor of the Roots pump statically and dynamically during the production and processing process, or uses a shaft sleeve to seal.

Roots pumps are stable in operation, and there is no problem after 20,000 hours of use.

Roots pump of adjust the clearance

Roots pump of adjust the clearance

The internal parts of the Roots pump will have gaps due to factors such as long working hours. The occurrence of this phenomenon will cause the parts to loosen and reduce the performance of the equipment. Therefore, we need to adjust the gap of the Roots pump to ensure that the gap is within the standard range and maintained in a good installation state.

Regarding the gap adjustment of the Roots pump, we must first know that direct measurement of the radial gap is not possible, but after the equipment has been running at the rated speed for a certain period of time, we can carefully listen to whether there is friction between the rotor and the housing. When adjusting, you can loosen the connecting screws at both ends of the cover and pull out the pins. Tighten the end cover, and then put the hinge into the positioning pin hole of the end cover and pump casing after adjustment, and then reinstall the positioning pin; then screw the screw into the waist-shaped hole, re-ream the pin hole, and install the positioning pin; The axial gap is the space between the end face of the rotor and the left and right end covers. The gap can be adjusted by grinding and cutting the thickness of the adjustment pad and the thickness of the end face sealing paper pad.

We can provide you with the corresponding solutions free of charge for such problems as the gap adjustment of Roots pumps, as well as other derived problems.

Roots vacuum pump starts overload

Roots vacuum pump starts overload

When the roots vacuum pump is overloaded, it sounds like it is beyond the working range that it can bear, and the equipment cannot operate normally. So what should we do at this time? We will tell you how to avoid this kind of situation based on our own experience.

1. In order to avoid the occurrence of overloading of the roots vacuum pump, what we need to do is to standardize the operating equipment. For example, we need to check the overall parts of the equipment, whether the circuit is unobstructed, whether the exhaust valve is open, etc.

2. During equipment operation, we must also pay attention to opening the cooling water valve, starting the foreline pump, and then opening the foreline pump inlet valve at the same time. After the foreline pump runs smoothly, open the intake valve and close the exhaust valve, and the equipment will start automatically. During the operation of the equipment, if there is heat or noise, we need to stop the equipment to continue running.

3. When we need the equipment to stop, first close the intake valve and open the exhaust valve at the same time, then turn off the equipment, close the foreline pump when closing the foreline pump inlet valve, and don’t forget to turn off the cooling water of the equipment. valve.

4. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment to ensure that the environment around the equipment is in a clean and dry state.

Roots vacuum pump start-up overload is not an exception. We need to remind everyone that no matter what type of equipment, we must be good at accumulating experience when we encounter problems. Vacuum pump manufacturers are growing step by step. If you need to deal with other vacuum problems, it is recommended to contact us directly, which can save you a lot of time and money.

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