Factors Affecting the quality of a dry vacuum pump

The most obvious ability of dry vacuum pump is not to use water as medium. Compared with traditional vacuum equipment, it can effectively save water resources, reduce energy consumption of enterprises, truly make the production of enterprises more environmentally friendly, and can improve the production and development ability of enterprises. At the same time, the performance of the dry pump has fully reflected its own advantages under the continuous development of the advantage strength. It is necessary to increase the importance of the product application and development capacity, increase the continuous driving of the technical advantage capacity in accordance with the production needs of the enterprise, and improve the effective display of the product production capacity.

At this stage, because of the requirements of environmental protection, dry vacuum pump is springing up, which is roughly divided into many large places of origin. How to choose among many famous brands is a focus. The customers don’t know which is more suitable. I think there are many factors to decide the quality and service life of dry vacuum pump:

1. Raw materials: because the space of screw vacuum pump is not large, the hot screw rod and pump shell will be heated and deformed during the whole operation process, and it is very easy to get stuck when it rises to the required level, which requires that the raw materials must be very stable and have excellent physical properties.

2. The precision of production and processing is very important for the application of pumps.

3. Coating technology. At present, most of the coatings are used in China, Korea and Japan. The technology of coating is very important.

4. The screw rod type wire and the type wire often cause great harm to the temperature and current of the exhaust pipe.

5. After sales maintenance service, after-sales maintenance service is very harmful to the service life of the pump. When the pump has common faults, it must slow down, otherwise the operation with faults will cause the pump to report fees.


With the overall level of dry vacuum pump, speed up the production capacity of the product, enhance the embodiment of its application strength in all aspects, according to the domestic industry situation, increase the investment in product development, actively learn advanced technology in all aspects, enhance the ability of self-development, so as to reflect the performance of dry pump. Dry vacuum pump is the development trend of the industry in the future. Although there are not many dry vacuum pumps in use now, in addition to the high price, there are also users who do not have a good understanding of the dry vacuum pump and can not see the future economic benefits brought to the enterprise. How to optimize the dry vacuum pump?

For these different types of dry vacuum pumps, we are eager to reduce their physical size. However, this is inconsistent with the pumping rate of vacuum pump, because the pumping rate of vacuum pump is directly proportional to the volume of vacuum pump, and small physical size means small volume. Of course, there is also an important factor that affects the pumping rate of vacuum pump, that is, the rotating speed. In order to match the pumping rate of small-scale vacuum pump with that of large-scale vacuum pump, it is necessary to increase its speed. There are two ways to change the speed of vacuum pump, one is to change the frequency of power supply, that is, to use frequency converter; the other is to change the transmission ratio of gearbox. Among them, the advantage of using frequency converter is that it can provide a closed-loop control, but it is easy to cause torque loss under large load. Changing the transmission ratio of the gearbox is a very economic way, of course, it can only provide a single uncontrollable speed.

The quality and price of the dry vacuum pump have strong competitiveness, which can replace the imported goods in a large range, and the market demand is large. It will be replaced in many fields, such as chemical plants, metallurgy industry, electronic devices, crude oil, aerospace, special tools, paper industry, packaging, food, pharmaceutical industry, medical machinery, and its information engineering, biotechnology, electronic optics, etc Replace the vacuum equipment with low technology content at the present stage.

Now, we can see that the dry vacuum pump has so many different designs, they have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. All along, the use cost is an important factor that affects people’s choice of vacuum pump. More and more vacuum pump users realize that the stability of vacuum pump operation should also be considered. Because of the unexpected error of vacuum pump, the efficiency of machine will be reduced, the production and delivery time of wafer will be affected, even the scrap of processed wafer and the damage of other parts of the machine will be caused.

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