Oil free vacuum pump for food and pharmaceutical industry

The rotor of oil-free vacuum pump has good geometric symmetry, so the vibration is small and the operation is stable. There is clearance between the rotors and between the rotors and the shell, which is not smooth, and the friction loss is small, so the driving power can be greatly reduced, thus the higher speed can be achieved. The inner part of the cylinder body of the oil-free vacuum pump is provided with a vacuum pump rotor and a vacuum pump blade is arranged in the rotor groove. Driven by the motor, the blade rotates at high speed, which causes friction between the blade and the cylinder block. After a long time, the inner part of the cylinder block will be worn.

In other words, the maintenance of vacuum pump includes a series of maintenance technologies such as friction repair or deep processing. The ambient temperature of the oil-free vacuum pump in operation shall be less than 40 ℃, and the temperature rise of the motor shall not exceed 75 ℃. After the normal operation of the magnetic pump for 1000 hours, the wear condition of the bearing and the end moving ring shall be disassembled and inspected, and the vulnerable parts that can not be reused shall be replaced. As for the guarantee liquid, which is easy to precipitate and crystallize, it shall be cleaned immediately after use to drain the liquid in the pump.

The vacuum pump should always adhere to cleaning, no other objects should be placed on the vacuum pump, and the channels around the pump should not be blocked for better maintenance and operation. Oil free vacuum pump is widely used in vacuum distillation, evaporation, crystallization, drying and filtration of petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other fields. Characteristics of oil-free vacuum pump: the wear rate of moving parts is reduced by 100 times, and the service life of air valve is improved by 50 times. The poor vibration and low noise of S-wave are reduced.


Oil free vacuum pump improves the vacuum cleanliness, especially suitable for food, pharmaceutical and other industries. The power consumption rate is reduced by nearly 1 / 3, the water consumption is reduced by 1 / 2, and the air volume is reduced by 1 / 3. Due to the selective pumping of oil-free vacuum pump, sometimes one pump can not meet the pumping request, and several pumps are required to be combined to supplement each other to meet the pumping request. For example, titanium sublimation pump has a very high pumping speed for hydrogen, but it can’t pump helium, while sputter ion pump has a certain pumping speed for argon. The combination of the two will make the vacuum installation can be very good.

Compared with other vacuum pumps, the oil-free vacuum pump has low vacuum degree and small air volume, but it is small in size, easy to install, easy to maintain, convenient to move, does not pollute the environment, and does not produce oil fume. It is better to use it in laboratories with higher requirements. It is also one of the regular equipment in the laboratory.

Therefore, when choosing oil-free vacuum pump, the vacuum degree required to work should be determined first. If the true degree of demand is high, the selected vacuum pump should be higher than the required vacuum degree, otherwise, it will fail to meet the requirements of vacuumizing. Another is the pumping rate of oil-free vacuum pump, which should be slightly higher than the required pumping rate in the selection, so as to better meet the needs. Finally, check whether the extracted gas is corrosive. The corrosive gas will corrode the pump. Special materials must be used to meet the requirements.

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