KF Stainless steel bellows

KF series vacuum bellows

Material quality: SUS304 SUS316
Or: KF25
Working pressure: Max.2kgf/cm2 ~ ultra-high vacuum
Leakage rate: 1.33 x 10-10. Pa m3 / SEC
Special point: light weight, good flexibility
Note: non – standard length or other connection form can be made according to customer’s requirement

KF Stainless steel bellows

Drawings and performance parameters

Drawings and performance parameters

Stainless steel bellows Purpose

In recent years, the applications of vacuum technology in the field of high-tech got rapid development, now has been widely used in semiconductor, superconductor, nuclear energy, new materials, development space and other fields, especially in the semiconductor industry, the rapid development of high integration, from IC to LSI, is currently in March to ULLSI, accompanying with the development of high technology, the number of users over the use of vacuum tubes on the parts are increasingly strict quality aspect, according to this demand, we introduce the foreign advanced technology, combined with the domestic situation, development and production of the vacuum line metal hose, dedicated to vacuum and high vacuum line.

Stainless steel bellows of description

1. The waveform of the hose is U-shaped, which is easy to clean inside and can reduce the contamination of part of the trough during use.

2. The hose has the characteristics of high toughness, light weight and compact size.

3. Each hose is subject to strict cleaning and helium mass spectrometry leak detection tests, so you can safely use it.

As a professional manufacturer of metal hose, we will try our best to meet your various needs.

Stainless steel bellows of advantages

Stainless steel bellows, literally, is a stainless steel corrugated pipe. Of course, that’s just what it looks like. Stainless steel bellows is actually a kind of flexible pressure-resistant pipe fitting, with good flexibility, light weight, corrosion resistance, fatigue and other characteristics, do you know what the difference between stainless steel bellows and other ordinary pipes? Let’s see below!

1. The connection method of stainless steel bellows and quick loading joint is mostly chosen with end face seal, which can effectively avoid leakage caused by loose screw seal. Compared with the traditional device, the leakage probability will be greatly reduced.

2. The stainless steel bellows quick-mounting type joint has good strength. The end face seal is selected for hose connection, which greatly improves the reliability of the seal. Some sealing gasket data is selected with POLYtetrafluoroethylene, which can maintain the same life with the pipe body and reduce The Times of maintenance or replacement.

3, stainless steel bellows device simple and convenient. Because of the good elasticity of the stainless steel bellows, only two special tools are needed in the operation process, which can be tortuous by hand. When buried in the wall or in the decoration layer, there is no joint between them, which reduces the risk of leakage.

4, stainless steel bellows long service life, because the pipe body is the choice of good stainless steel as data, so the pipe is not easy to aging, greatly improve the service life.

Stainless steel bellows not only make up for the leakage rate of the traditional device, but also greatly improve the service life.

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