Liquid ring vacuum pump service

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Liquid ring vacuum pump service life

How to make the liquid ring vacuum pump to increase the use of life.

The use of liquid ring vacuum pump often check the direction of oil, do not conform to the concept of time to adjust to meet the requirements. When working with liquid ring vacuum pump, the amount of oil shall be calculated from the management center of the oil gauge. The oil change deadline shall be considered according to the application standards of practice activities and the requirements of satisfactory functions, etc., which shall be determined by the customer. General new import vacuum pump, pumping and cleaning the bound steam, it is considered to work 150 hours up and down oil changes many times. After the black metal powder is not visible in the oil, the oil change period can be moderately widened today.

Start the photoelectric motor and see if the motor brakes are appropriate. There is a standard on the pipe in reverse end carding to ensure dredging. Twist open the inlet vacuum pump pump shell oil plug, grouting diversion canal. Often check the oil condition, found that the oil growth should be immediately replaced with new oil, to ensure that all the work of the import vacuum pump is normal.

Under normal conditions, the liquid ring vacuum pump should be stopped after 3000 hours of service, check the embrittlement level of rubber products, check whether the automatic exhaust valve plate is cracked, comb the debris deposited on the pump shell and automatic exhaust valve seat. Clean all parts in the inlet vacuum pump chamber, such as motor rotor, rotor, tension spring, etc. Generally, the car is cleaned with gasoline and air-dried. After cleaning rubber products, wipe water with wet cloth only. When cleaning and disassembling, it should be taken lightly and put carefully to pay attention to injuries. After disassembling and assembling again, the trial operation shall be terminated. Generally, it shall work empty for 2 hours and the oil shall be changed again. When cleaning up, the import vacuum pump will leave a quantity of volatile organic compounds.

For inexperienced customers, according to the instructions, find professional technical personnel to specific guidance, reasonably increase the use of water ring vacuum pump, reduce the maintenance of the commodity, to improve the economic benefits of the processing plant has a great effect.

Liquid ring vacuum pump service

Liquid ring vacuum pump service

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