Liquid ring vacuum pump system

Do you know that the liquid ring vacuum pump system can choose the accessories for installation? Today, the manufacturer of EVP vacuum pump will introduce to you the accessories that the liquid ring vacuum pump system can choose to install.

1. Separator rehydration port: If the working fluid is insufficient, the working fluid can be properly supplemented from the rehydration port.

2. Separator pressure gauge: If pressure may occur in the separator, pressure gauge should be installed on the separator.

3. Air filter: If foreign matter may enter the pump in the system and pipeline, the filter or filter should be installed in the suction port of the pump.

4. Vacuum check valve of suction port: In order to prevent backflow when vacuum pump shuts down, it is necessary to install vacuum check valve or pneumatic valve at the entrance of pump.

5. Exhaust Condenser: If it is necessary to collect or recover condensable gas from the exhaust port, the condenser can be installed at the exhaust port of the gas-liquid separator.

6. Working fluid booster pump: If the working fluid supply of the pump is insufficient or the resistance of the working pipeline is large, the working fluid booster pump can be installed.

7. Cavitation protection pipeline: If the suction pressure of the vacuum pump is close to the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid, the cavitation protection pipeline should be installed between the vacuum pump and the separator.

8. If there are other special requirements, the corresponding accessories can be installed.


What precautions should be taken to install the liquid ring vacuum pump system?

The equipment of the liquid ring vacuum pump system has gone through the steps of design and selection, and finally entered the stage of installation. Although there are layers of leak detection and other work checks in front of us, we still need to do some preparatory work and precautions in this link, and look with EVP vacuum pump manufacturers to see what are there.

Before installation of vacuum pump and liquid ring vacuum pump system, all kinds of parts should be cleaned to remove impurities such as oil, dirt and welding flux contaminated by parts in the process of processing and storage, so as to avoid creating gas source inside the liquid ring vacuum pump system after installation. The general method is to decontaminate with detergent powder and wash it with hot water, and finally dry it with hot air and wipe it with organic solvent.

Secondly, leak detection of parts before installation. Before installation, the parts of vacuum pump and liquid ring vacuum pump system should be checked for leakage, and the parts with leakage should be removed in time, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble for later debugging by assembling the parts with leakage into the vacuum system.

Third, check whether the performance of vacuum valves and other components meets the design requirements.

Fourthly, check whether the circuit is complete, whether the switch refers to the position of breaking circuit, whether the test instrument is at zero, whether the ground wire is grounded, and whether the operation is safe.

Fifth, leak detection during installation of liquid ring vacuum pump system. Leak detection of vacuum system during installation and commissioning is the main part of vacuum leak detection. Therefore, the installation process must be combined with leak detection. If multi-vacuum pumps are installed in series on site, the mechanical pumps are installed and pumped, then the main pumps are installed after the vacuum degree is reached, but the system can not be installed before leakage detection. Otherwise, once there is air leakage, it will bring troubles to the installation work. At the same time, attention should be paid to whether there are scratches on rubber ring and flange sealing surface at static sealing flange, in order to prevent leakage after installation.

After the installation of the liquid ring vacuum pump system, no-load debugging and process debugging are carried out.

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