Liquid ring vacuum pump catalog

Liquid ring vacuum pump catalog classification

Classification by suction and exhaust state

1) liquid ring vacuum pump. The inlet of the pump is in a vacuum state and the outlet is a liquid ring vacuum pump at atmospheric pressure. Mainly used for vacuum water (deacidification, degassing), vacuum moisture recovery, etc. Ultimate vacuum degree of single-stage pump ≤50hPa, two-stage pump ≤39hPa.

2) liquid ring compressor. Import under atmospheric pressure, pump pressure at the state of liquid ring vacuum pump. Hydrogen is mainly used in chemical industry, chlorine and vinyl chloride gas medium pressure feed. The discharge pressure of single-stage pump can reach 0.3mpa, and that of two-stage pump can reach 0.6mpa. Two or more stages of the compressor structure is complex, the increase in compression capacity is not proportional to the series, generally not used.

At present, the market also needs a kind of between the vacuum pump and the compressor between the liquid ring vacuum pump, that is, the inlet is vacuum state, the outlet is pressure state, the working pressure is generally less than 500hPa, we temporarily called the liquid ring vacuum pump. It is often used for pumping gas and gas from coal mines.

Press suction, exhaust direction class

1) axial suction and exhaust gas will enter and discharge the impeller along the axial direction through the suction and exhaust Windows on the side distribution plate.

The suction and exhaust Windows of this method are arranged on the distribution plate plane of the impeller side. The exhaust Windows can be made into adjustable type, which can minimize the over-compression of the low vacuum zone and the under-compression of the high vacuum zone to the greatest extent. In the process of manufacture, can more easily change the window size and Angle, in order to achieve the best efficiency. In addition, the method has simple structure, easy to make the two stage pump, but because of your limited window area, is unfavorable to make double role model.

2) radial suction and exhaust

The gas enters and exits the impeller along the radial direction through the suction and exhaust Windows on the distributor surface mounted in the impeller head. This method can be made into single or double acting mode, especially when made into double acting mode, because the window area is larger, the efficiency is far higher than the axial mode. But its structure is complex, manufacturing difficulties, the size of the window can not be adjusted, it is not easy to make a two-stage pump.

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Liquid ring vacuum pump catalog

Liquid ring vacuum pump catalog


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