Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Technology

The liquid ring vacuum pump has remarkable energy-saving effect, and has a large volume of air pumping in high vacuum interval. It can be widely used in vacuum impregnation and vacuum drying of transformers, wires, cables and capacitors in power industry.

In the actual use of liquid ring vacuum pump, the main faults include insufficient vacuum pump, inability to start or start noise, motor overheating, insufficient flow and so on.

liquid ring vacuum pump maintenance :

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Technology

1. Vacuum degree of liquid ring vacuum pump is not enough:

Insufficient power supply leads to insufficient speed, insufficient water supply, excessive gap between impeller and distributor plate, leakage due to breakage of mechanical seal, excessive wear of impeller and exhaustion of circulating water.

Exclusion methods: check the power supply voltage of the liquid ring vacuum pump, whether it is within the rated voltage range of the motor; increase the water supply (need to be controlled in the correct range, otherwise it will lead to motor overload heating); adjust the gap between the small impeller and the distribution plate (generally 0.15-0.20 mm); replace the mechanical seal; replace the impeller; check the pipeline of the outlet.

2. Reasons for inability to start or for high noise:

The motor supply voltage of liquid ring vacuum pump is insufficient; the motor operates without phase; the pump is useless for a long time, which leads to rust; impurities are inhaled in the pump; impeller drag distribution plate.

Elimination methods: check whether the supply voltage is too low; check whether the motor wiring is reliable; if the pump is not used for a long time to cause rust, can add a point of rust remover or open the pump cover to remove rust artificially; open the pump cover to remove impurities; adjust the distance between impeller and distribution plate.

3. Motor overheating:

Excessive water supply will lead to motor overload of liquid ring vacuum pump; motor phase absence; blockage of exhaust holes; impeller driving other components.

Removal methods: reduce water supply to normal range; check whether the wiring is firm; check the exhaust port; open the pump cover to adjust the gap between impeller and other components.

4. Possible causes of insufficient flow:

Leakage of gas and liquid in pipeline; increase of resistance loss;

Removal methods: Check the mechanical seal at the joint; Check the pipeline and check valve if there are any faults.

Above is the daily maintenance technology of liquid ring vacuum pump. If the above failures occur in normal use, we can use the above methods to solve them. If we are not familiar with them, we should try to find professional personnel to repair.

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