Roots blower of double oil tank characteristics

The characteristics of double oil tank of three blade roots blower

Reasons for shutdown of roots blower due to abnormal vibration:

1. The clearance of fan rolling bearing exceeds the specified value or the bearing seat is worn; replace the bearing or bearing seat.

2. The gear side clearance of Roots blower is too large and fixed loosely; refit the gear and ensure the side clearance.

3. Impact between impeller and impeller, impeller and casing caused by foreign objects and dust;

4. Impeller collision due to overload and shaft deformation; clean roots blower and check whether the casing is damaged.

5. Friction between impeller and casing inlet due to overheating; check back pressure, adjust clearance, filter and back pressure, and increase clearance between impeller and casing inlet.

6. The impeller is out of balance due to crud or foreign matters; clean the impeller and casing to ensure the working clearance of impeller.

7. The foundation bolts and other fasteners are loose; tighten the foundation bolts and level the base.

Safety operation of three blade roots blower:

1. Check all parts of the fan, check whether the parts are complete, the connection tightness of bolts and nuts, the installation quality of fasteners and locating pins, the installation quality of air inlet and exhaust pipes and valves, etc.

2. In order to ensure the safe operation of the three blade roots blower, avoid external loads such as pipes, valves, frames, etc.

3. Check the alignment quality of three blade roots blower and motor.

4. Check whether the base of the unit is fully padded and whether the foundation bolts are tight.

5. Inject the specified brand of mechanical oil into the oil tank to the oil level line, and the lubricating oil brand is N220 medium load working gear oil.

6. Check whether the motor steering meets the direction requirements.

7. Install the belt cover (protective cover) at the pulley (coupling) to ensure the safety of operation.

8. Open the air inlet and outlet valves of the blower, and turn the fan rotor. It shall rotate flexibly without impact, friction and other phenomena. Under all normal conditions, the fan can be started for trial operation.

9. Stop the V blower suddenly under the condition of full load, and then stop it after gradually unloading the load to avoid damaging the machine. Pay attention to check the standby machine of the three blade roots blower system, and make preparations before opening.

Double oil tank of three blade roots blower features

1. Dual tank design:

Compared with the single oil tank fan adopting grease lubrication, the lubrication mode is changed. Because the way of oil lubrication at both ends is adopted, the lubrication is more sufficient, the service life of the bearing is significantly improved, and the frequency of fan rotor damage caused by bearing damage is avoided.

2. Low noise:

As the lubrication is more sufficient, the mechanical noise of the fan with a single oil tank is significantly reduced by 6-8 decibels.

3. Low temperature and high strength:

Because most of the mechanical parts are completely immersed in lubricating oil, it can effectively reduce the fan temperature and strengthen the mechanical fatigue strength of the main components of the fan.

4. Simple maintenance:

Because the driving end of the traditional single oil tank fan adopts the way of injecting butter, the maintenance requirements in the use process are relatively high, especially the butter needs to be injected from the top of the oil tank of the fan, and the actual butter loss degree cannot be observed from the outside of the roots blower, therefore, the sense of responsibility of the maintenance personnel determines the service life of the fan. The double oil tank fan produced by the company has a separate oil tank at the driving end and the tooth end, the mechanical body is completely immersed in the oil, and the oil window is set at the lower end of the oil tank to observe the condition of the oil. It does not need to disassemble the shell as frequently as the traditional three leaf roots blower to observe, which reduces the maintenance strength and maintenance time, and also does not need to have too many requirements for the quality of maintenance personnel. What’s more, it significantly reduces the damage and service life of the fan caused by human factors.

Roots blower of double oil tank characteristics

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