Liquid ring vacuum pump used in renewable resources

Liquid-ring vacuum pumps have been widely used in different industries in different fields, among which renewable resources is an important industry.

With the convening of the 19th CPC National Congress, the application and strategic position of vegetable oil in the renewable industry were reviewed, and the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources was one of the important directions of independent innovation in the industry.

The following is an introduction to liquid-ring vacuum pumps used in the renewable resource industry. For more industrial applications, please click here.

Liquid ring vacuum pump used in renewable resources

Liquid ring vacuum pumps cautions of using 

With any kind of device, everybody thinks I wish my device would last longer.Take liquid ring vacuum pump as an example. The same equipment is used in the same working environment, and the service cycle is completely different for different maintenance personnel.Then what should we do to make full use of the service cycle, from the following requirements for guidance, but also hope to make good use of liquid ring vacuum pump, to save resources for the company.

1.Have seen the liquid ring vacuum pump know, although the structure is not complex, the weight is not light, so in the process of transportation and installation, we should pay more attention to avoid collision damage phenomenon;
2.In the actual operation process, special vacuum pump oil should be equipped;
3.The installation is installed in an environment that can ensure natural ventilation and heat discharge all around, and the distance from the wall should be kept more than 20 cm around. If it is really because of the space problem, ventilation treatment should be carried out;
4.It is forbidden to run for a long time under load condition, which will damage equipment accessories;
5.Pay attention to the connection of each component is tight, to prevent leakage phenomenon;
6.Pay attention to its periodic maintenance, refer to its manual, standard implementation.

Pay attention to the use of liquid ring vacuum pump. This is a brief introduction here. Any equipment needs to operate in accordance with the standard way.

Help you to know the liquid ring vacuum pump rubber ball

Help you to know the liquid ring vacuum pump rubber ball

Before applying the equipment, it is necessary to understand the structure of the equipment first. It is not only necessary to understand the structure of the equipment, but also to understand the role of each component. Now let’s look at what role the rubber ball of the liquid ring vacuum pump has.

1. The rubber ball in the liquid ring vacuum pump, also called the rubber ball valve. Its function is to solve the phenomenon of over-compression or under-compression during the operation of the equipment.

2. The suction and exhaust ports of the vacuum pump are fixed, which solves the compression ratio and exhaust pressure of the water ring pump itself, and it has no exhaust valve. However, during the operation of the pumping equipment, the pressure at the suction end will change. This can result in over-compression or under-compression of the pump unit as the pump unit is unable to cope with this pressure change.

3. Whether overcompression or undercompression, the efficiency of liquid-ring vacuum pumps is reduced and consumption is increased. It is inherently inefficient, which can be exacerbated by overcompression or undercompression. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, vacuum pump manufacturers in the design, according to the lower suction pressure set equipment compression ratio, determine the vent position, to prevent under-compression; At the same time, a rubber ball valve is arranged below the exhaust port of the equipment. When the exhaust pressure in the liquid ring vacuum pump is reached prematurely, the rubber ball valve will open automatically to eliminate the gas and eliminate the over-compression phenomenon. This avoids undercompression or overcompression. This is where the rubber balls in the pumping equipment come in.

Now do you understand the role of rubber ball valve of liquid ring vacuum pump? In fact, every part of vacuum equipment has a certain role. Only by understanding the role of these parts can we better use the equipment.

The above is the detailed introduction of the liquid ring vacuum pump used in the renewable resources industry. For more information about the liquid ring vacuum pump, please contact us.

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