Liquid ring vacuum pumps price

Liquid ring vacuum pump advantages affect the price

The liquid ring vacuum pump relies on the transformation of the pump chamber volume to maintain respiration, contraction and exhaust pipe, so it belongs to the variable-volume liquid ring vacuum pump. At present, we are concerned about the price of the machine and equipment. The manufacturers of the liquid ring vacuum pump emphasize that the advantages of the machine and equipment are essential to the price. Therefore, the comparison between the liquid ring vacuum pump and other types of liquid ring vacuum pump gives advantages:

1. Since there is no metal friction surface in the vacuum pump chamber, there is no need to moisten the pump and the damage is not serious. The sealing between the rotating piece and the fixing card can be done immediately by the exhaust valve.
2. Symmetrical breathing, stable and reliable in work, easy to use and maintenance.
3, most of the compressed air is isothermal, that is, the whole process of compressed air temperature change is not big.
4, simple structure, manufacturing precision requirements are not high, very easy to produce and process.
5, compact structure, high speed vacuum pump, usually can be directly connected with the motor, no need to slow down equipment. Therefore, the use of small structural specifications, can get a large displacement, occupation is also small.

Rotary vane pumps and liquid ring vacuum pump, he can set contains water vapour, it is a rotary vane liquid ring vacuum pump can not has the advantages of but sealing liquid ring vacuum pump water is organic solvent, rotary vane vacuum pump oil liquid ring vacuum pump application material, organic solvent, therefore the vacuum value slightly lower spin liquid ring vacuum pump.

Believe that you have read the article about the professional knowledge, for the price of machinery and equipment have a suitable accurate positioning. With my enterprise has the machine equipment price more effective, warmly welcome to buy! Vacuum pump oil is used as an organic solvent, so the vacuum value is slightly lower than that of the liquid ring vacuum pump.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps price

Liquid ring vacuum pumps price

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