rotary vane vacuum pump in seawater desalination

Sea water desalination is a process of obtaining fresh water by removing salt from sea water with equipment or devices. The methods of sea water desalination are divided into thermal method and membrane method. With the rapid development of regional economy, the demand for fresh water continues to grow, and the total amount of fresh water resources is limited. Blindly asking for fresh water will inevitably lead to more shortage of local fresh water resources. Therefore, the significance of developing the second water source becomes very important. This paper mainly introduces the function of a rotary vane vacuum pump in the application of membrane desalination system, and describes the characteristics of a rotary vane vacuum pump by the way.

rotary vacuum pump of features :

Rotary vane vacuum pump with its consistent solid durability and operational reliability has become the first vacuum pump for customers in the vacuum field. The rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used in all kinds of harsh industrial fields.

1. Actual ultra-low noise

With the world’s advanced low-noise design and precision processing, seamless assembly, from the page to the famous low-noise industry.

2. Safety and cost saving

SV series rotary vane vacuum pump with its world-famous core technology of continuous improvement, whether it is intermittent use or all-weather continuous operation.

3. Strong and durable

SV series rotary vane vacuum pump adopts high compact design, which has the characteristics of strong and durable, stable high vacuum, strong drainage capacity of steam, continuous operation in full pressure range, etc!


Application of rotary vane vacuum pump in sea water desalination system by membrane process

In the reverse osmosis desalination process, the seawater to be treated enters into the reverse osmosis membrane module after being pressurized by the vacuum pump, and the water passing through the membrane is fresh water, i.e. produced water; the remaining part of the water not passing through the membrane is sea water with very high salt content, i.e. concentrated salt water. This part of concentrated brine has high pressure energy, which needs to be recovered by energy recovery device. The energy recovery device is used together with the vacuum pump to reduce the energy consumption by reducing the flow of the vacuum pump under the condition of constant water production.

Through the energy recovery device, the high-pressure concentrated brine and part of the source seawater to be treated are pressure exchanged, and the pressure energy is transmitted to the source seawater. Then vacuum pump is used to compensate the pressure loss caused by the source seawater passing through the membrane reactor, energy recovery device and pipeline. The pressurized source seawater is combined with the source seawater from the vacuum pump and sent to the reverse osmosis membrane reactor.

After decades of development, desalination technology has been long-term development, construction scale and market pattern are gradually changing. The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in membrane desalination system has been able to produce drinking fresh water economically through desalination of seawater, brackish water and reclaimed water.

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