liuqid ring vacum pump used in lactic acid produice line

Liuqid ring vacum pump used in lactic acid produice line of fuction

Lactic acid is mainly produced through fermentation and chemical synthesis. Fermentation uses natural raw materials and is the main method for lactic acid production. It has a large market and strong competitiveness.

The key to the fermentation method is the selection of strains. The strains used for fermentation to produce lactic acid mainly include bacteria and Rhizopus.

1.MVR multi-stage evaporator is used in the production process of lactic acid.

MVR evaporator is a commonly used equipment in the food industry. It has the characteristics of efficient evaporation of water, so it plays an important role in food processing. The following are several important roles of MVR evaporators in the food industry.

Energy saving

MVR evaporator is a device that can use thermal energy for evaporation. Compared with traditional evaporators, it can recycle and utilize the heat in the exhaust gas, thereby saving energy. In the food industry, MVR evaporators can evaporate moisture in wastewater, thereby reducing moisture content and energy consumption.

Increase productivity

The MVR evaporator can evaporate water efficiently, thereby improving production efficiency. In the food industry, MVR evaporators can evaporate water from liquids such as juices, dairy products, juices, etc., thereby concentrating them and improving product quality and output.

liuqid ring vacum pump used in lactic acid produice line

2.MVR multi-effect evaporation process flow

MVR multi-effect evaporator is an optimized combination of two energy-saving evaporation processes, MVR and multi-effect.

MVR multi-effect evaporator is an optimized combination of two energy-saving evaporation processes, MVR and multi-effect. The combination method with obvious energy-saving effect is: double-effect + single-effect + common compressor. The double-effect and single-effect evaporators are used as two-stage independent evaporators respectively. They share a common compressor. The raw material liquid first enters the double-effect evaporator. evaporator for pre-concentration, and then into a single-effect evaporator for final concentration. The secondary steam produced by the second effect and single effect is recovered and pressurized by the compressor and then distributed in parallel to the heaters of the first effect and single effect evaporators. The heat source of the second effect heater utilizes the secondary steam evaporated by the first effect.

In multi-effect evaporation, the top steam of the previous effect is used as the heat source of the reboiler of the latter effect, effectively utilizing the latent heat of the secondary steam and reducing the waste of energy. The added MVR unit uses part of the mechanical energy to reduce the amount of high-pressure steam, changes the temperature distribution of the system, reduces the irreversibility of the system, and reduces energy consumption.

3.Application scope of MVR multi-effect evaporator

It is used for materials with large evaporation volume, low initial concentration of incoming materials, low boiling point rise in the early stage of evaporation, but relatively high boiling point rise at the end of evaporation. It can be used for the evaporation of low-concentration salty wastewater and the evaporation of low-concentration high-COD wastewater, such as ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfate, sodium nitrate, sodium chloride, calcium ammonium nitrate, and calcium chloride.

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