The advantages and disadvantages of the roots vacuum pump

The roots vacuum pump features are:

(1) the rotor and the roots vacuum pump body , there is a certain gap between rotor and rotor, no contact each other, don’t need lubricating oil.

(2) the rotor with good geometrical symmetry, can improve the rotary speed, so that they can produce the compact structure of the large pumping speed pump.

(3) small vibration when the pump work, large volume, capacity utilization factor about the advantages and disadvantages of the roots vacuum pump.

(4) in the pump chamber is not like a mechanical vacuum pump compression occur, so it does not need to vent. And so, pumping condensable vapors.

(5) start fast, can achieve in a short period of time limit of vacuum.Small power, low operation maintenance cost.

(6) Roots vacuum pump have a wide pressure range (1 x 10 ^ 3 pa ~ 1 pa)  and have a large pumping speed, can quickly get rid of all of a sudden release of gas , make up for the diffusion pump oil seal and mechanical pump in 1 x 10 ^ (3 pa – 1 pa) pumping speed resistance are small defects.Therefore, it is most suited as a booster pump.

The advantages and disadvantages of the roots vacuum pump

The disadvantage of roots pump is made more difficult to pump rotor, the ability to Suction high pumping hydrogen lower than the effect of oil booster pump.

Roots pump is widely used in vacuum metallurgy industrial vacuum degassing, vacuum smelting, steel vacuum processing, and spatial simulation, such as low density wind tunnel smoke unless the corrosive gas in the device.Can also be used in chemical, food, medicine, machine manufacturing industry, such as vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, drying process, also can provide rotary vane vacuum pump .


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