The Introduction Of Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Rotary vane vacuum pumps have the low and medium vacuum range for all applications,

Rotary vane industrial vacuum pumps have develop themselves for many years in many applications. Coordinated accessories and the selection of ideal equipment make the EVP Vacuum rotary vane pumps usable for many processes. the rotary vane vacuum pump can widely used in refrigerator, air conditioner, light bulbs, fluorescent lamp, inside production and electronics, metallurgy, medicine, chemical industry, filter oil machine, printing machines, packaging machines and other industrial,  which also can be used as a backing pump for oil diffusion pump, roots vacuum pump and molecular vacuum pump, a backing stage pump, used for electronic instruments, medical equipment and other supporting application and experimental research.

The functional principle of the rotary vane pumps

The principle of the rotary vane vacuum pumps is based on a continual, cyclical change in the suction volume. This is made possible through a rotor eccentrically aligned to the vacuum pump housing with movable vanes. the rotary vane vacuum pump have the advantage of no dust pollution, small volume, light weight, material saving, increasingly perfect function, more widely applied.

The required sealing function is guaranteed through the oil. The rotary vane vacuum pumps are offered in two configurations. single stage rotary vane pump system cover an inlet pressure range of 1,000 to approx. 0,5 hPa; the two stage rotary vane pump system have an expanded inlet pressure range in high vacuum of up to 5*10-4 mbar.

Operating notes on the process adaption

In fact , the rotary vane vacuum pumps are operated in a process range between 100 mbar and a pressure of about a decade above the final pressure. Above 100 mbar, the exhaust oil separator elements clog very quickly through the oily exhaust gas stream. In the final pressure range, the strong dependency of the pumping speed on the suction pressure comes to bear. In this state, no stationary process can be operated.

All models are able to feed a ballast gas, to prevent the accumulation of liquids due to condensing moisture. The use of a gas ballast affects the performance data of the vacuum pumps in various ways.

For example, the pumping speed of single-stage rotary vane pumps will be reduced by the amount of the gas ballast proportion. This will also raise the final pressure. However, due to

their design, gas ballast does not affect the pumping speed of two-stage pumps.


1. All applications in low and medium vacuum.
2. Backing pump for turbo morecular vacuum pump and roots pumps.
3. Laboratory applications.
4. vacuum coating industry.
5. Chemical industry.
6. Freeze drying.
7. Process engineering.
8. Food industry
9. Plastic industry


1.Single and two stage rotary vane vacuum pump designs with pumping speeds of 1.3 to 1,600 m3/h offer maximum flexibility when selecting for the process.
2. Space and energy saving and ideal for system equipment.
3. High pumping speed with small dimensions.
4. Proven design concept.
5. Safety through integrated high vacuum safety valve.
6. Non-ferrous metal free design offers additional operating safety.
7. Optionally as corrosive gas version as well.

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