The forecast for China vacuum pump market in future

Recently, According to NEW YORK PR NEWS Wire, the vacuum pump industry in China reported that vacuum pump is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, food, electronics, coating and other fields. With the rapid development of metallurgy, chemical industry, food industry, vacuum pump market is growing rapidly. In 2014, China’s output reached 9.56 million pump units, an increase of 7.2%. According to forecast, to 2018 this figure is likely to rise to 11.84 million units, of which 5.5% compound annual growth rate.

Affected market and environmental needs, different pump market performance: liquid ring vacuum pumps, despite the wide range of applications, restricted environmental requirements, gradually shrinking market share; by contrast, the dry vacuum pump poured into the market in recent years, and performance a good performance. Current high-end market, mainly in Europe, the vacuum pump, the United States and Japan, the company’s products.

Liquid ring pumps are mainly used in industrial production in many processes, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum diversion and other low technical requirements process. The price of China-made liquid ring pump more competitive.

Dry vacuum pump is mainly used in a wide range of semiconductor industry, chemical industry, film, equipment, medicine, food and so on, more than 50% of products on the market are imported brands, particularly in the semiconductor industry, the vast majority of pumps are foreign brands, domestic vacuum pump is mainly used in chemical industry.

Molecular pumps are also widely used in nuclear physics, vacuum surface science and other fields, due to the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, pump fast market expansion. A typical vacuum pump manufacturer has Varian (Agilent), Germany Pfeiffer, Oerlikon Leybold, Busch, and Osaka Vacuum and other companies, other manufacturers are mainly domestic equipment manufacturers, such as Beijing North Vacuum Technology Innovation Instrument Co., Ltd., Chengdu Southern light machine Co., Ltd., the CAS Shenyang scientific instruments and other enterprises. However, whether in technology or in the development of the market, foreign instrument products are far more than domestic equipment products.

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