Detailed design of rotary vane vacuum pumps and pumping speed improvements

Detailed design of rotary vane vacuum pumps and pumping speed improvements

Rotary vane vacuum pump is designed to improve the presentation trends:

1, material selection
To increase the speed of rotary vane vacuum pump to reduce wear, reduce temperature to ensure proper performance of the pump, the key is how to properly select one of the stator and rotary vane which is the main vice of friction material. Some domestic research units also to other materials used for rotary vane do a comprehensive test results show that carbon fiber reinforced plastic, polymer liquid crystal material as the rotary vane material development value.

2, the pump chamber shaped line
Due to friction and wear between the rotary vane rotary vane vacuum pump and stator increases, rotary vane vacuum pump temperature increased, so improving the friction rotary vane vacuum pumps and rotary vane pump chamber between the wear and lubrication is to develop performance good direct rotary vane pump is the key.

3, with the rotary vane rotor structure
By rotary vane vacuum pump geometry pumping speed calculation shows that when the pump speed has reached a certain high value, and then increase the rotary vane pump speed can be increased without increasing the rotor eccentricity, without increasing the maximum line speed of the situation. Increase in the number of rotary vane structure is simple and feasible, so it is a kind of way to improve the pumping speed of hope. At present, the domestic manufacturers of rotary vane vacuum pumps have a three-slot rotor structure as a whole, which is equipped with three rotary vane. Three monoblock rotor rotary vane structure has high strength and rigidity; high-speed operation can reduce the imbalance of the rotor, in order to reduce rotary vane to withstand the impact load.

4, the body structure and the position of the exhaust port

Side eccentric structure is a relatively new form of pump structure. Cut-off point of the pump rotor and pump chamber side of the eccentric structure is not over, but on the side, the side of the tank also. Compared with the general structure of the tangent point on the pump has the following advantages: Since the oil level in the exhaust port side, and the oil level is just the exhaust valve and the lubricating oil passage submerged into the hole, so that after the pump stops, only return very little oil in the pump chamber, and the rest of the oil back to the oil only place you can not go into the hole into the pump chamber.

Because of the amount of oil back to the sv rotary vane pump,2xz-c direct drive rotary vane pump or 2X-A rotary vane pump chamber so few pumps start easily, thus reducing the pump motor power. Meanwhile, when the oil back into the hole location, became the bleed hole into the hole. The gas pressure inside the pump with the external atmospheric pressure is equal to, prevent oil back into the vacuum system causing pollution.

Rotary vane vacuum pump, there are many areas for improvement. I believe, with the progress of vacuum technology, better performance, and can adapt to a variety of rotary vane pump technology requirements will appear for rotary vane pump and pumping speed improvements

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