The advantage and disadvantage of liquid ring vacuum pump

Water ring vacuum pump compared with other types of mechanical vacuum pump , such as rotary vane vacuum pump , rotary piston vacuum pump has the following advantages:

Simple structure, manufacturing accuracy is not high, easy processing.

Compact structure, the rotary of the vacuum pump is higher, can generally be direct connect with motor, no need gear box device .So with the structure of the small size, you can get large displacement, covers an area of small also.

Basically compressed gas is isothermal, namely the process of compressed gas temperature change is very small.

Because no metal friction pump cavity surface, the pump inside without lubrication, and wear and tear is small.The seal between the rotating and stationary parts can be directly done by the water seal.

Breathe in uniform, stable and reliable work, simple operation, easy maintenance.

Water ring pump also has its disadvantages:

Efficiency is low, general about 30%, good is 50%.

Vacuum degree is low, not only because this is limited by the structure of the, more important is restricted by working liquid saturation vapour pressure.Water as working fluid, the limit pressure can reach 2000 ~ 4000 pa.Oil as working fluid, up to 130 pa.

In short, as a result of water ring vacuum pump in the gas compression is isothermal, therefore can pumping flammable, explosive gas.Because there is no exhaust valve and the friction surface, therefore can be pumping gas with dust, non-condensable gas and water mixture.With these outstanding features, although its efficiency is low, is still widely used.

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