What is the rotary vane vacuum pump?

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a rotary air pump seals, also known as GED pumps, mainly by the stator, rotor and vane and other components. Eccentric rotor mounted in the stator and stator wall tangent vertices. Equipped with two slide to slide on the rotor is rotated by a spring and centrifugal force and firmly attached to the stator wall. Rotor and stator vane into the suction chamber, storage chamber and exhaust gas chamber. Since the rotation of the rotor vane driven expanding the suction chamber and the suction, while the exhaust gas is gradually compressed in the chamber, wherein the pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure until the exhaust valve is opened sheet, gas is discharged to the atmosphere.

To prevent exhaust gas reflux two stage rotary vane pump or single stage rotary vane pump, especially the exhaust valve cover oil seal. Vacuum pump oil between the stator and the rotor and vane except lubrication, there are still seal, in addition, pump oil pump chamber filled with all harmful space, eliminate their influence on the ultimate vacuum.

Ordinary rotary vane vacuum pumps, used for pumping clean, dry air, if pumping gas in addition to containing a large number of condensed gas, you need to choose rotary vane gas ballast (valve) pump. With gas ballast valve is installed in the “gas storage chamber,” which will open a certain number of air inhaled, the partial pressure of water vapor over the pumping cavity pressure several times, to the exhaust chamber, the partial pressure of water vapor in the lower saturated vapor pressure, it will not condense into liquid droplets, while keeping exhaust gas together with air pump outside.

Rotary vane vacuum pump can be used as stand-alone devices for low vacuum, ultimate vacuum of about 6.7×10-1Pa, widely used in vacuum metallurgy, vacuum transport, vacuum casting, medical equipment, freeze-dried, vacuum impregnation, vacuum heat treatment and other industries. Rotary vane vacuum pump can also be used as a high vacuum pump before the pump and pre-pumping, such as oil diffusion pumps, vacuum pumps, oil vapor jet pump, turbo-molecular pump before the pump, sputter ion pump PREPUMP. Also constitute a pumping unit, used in various fields of national economy,

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