Dry vacuum pump used in semiconductor industry technology

Oil-free vacuum pumps are commonly used in the semiconductor industry pump types, the most important feature is the high vacuum, to meet the special requirements of new industries, among rotary vane vacuum pumps and reciprocating pumps as the mainrepresentative. Over time, social progress, they appear in a variety of applications can not make people feel more satisfied, such as rotary vane vacuum pump is not pumping water vapor and gas condensate and easy to corrosive gases, etc. Therefore, dry vacuum Pump emerged.


In the past ten years, there are several different types of dry scroll vacuum pumps are designed and produced, they have significant differences in the mechanical structure design. Because of this difference, we can dry vacuum pumps summarized as the following types: type lobes, claw, modular (Roots + claw), screw. Today, these types are widely used by different manufacturers.


Among them, the lobes type, claw and modular (Roots + claw) is known as multi-stage pumps. Because they work much the same way, is the use of multi-stage vacuum chamber of compressed gas to produce repeated vacuum. In the process of repeatedly compressed, the temperature and pressure of the gas also produces more complex changes, and thus more likely to cause changes in the physical properties of the gas. The screw is called single-stage pump, because it is only by a vacuum chamber to create a vacuum. Depending on its gas compression methods, can be divided into internal and external compression type screw compression type screw.

Semiconductor manufacturing industry development trend of the vacuum pump


As a major manufacturer of vacuum equipment for semiconductor manufacturing industry, increasingly require secure and reliable. Aerobic occasions when a hydrocarbon oil-sealed rotary pump is used to glue lithography, and sometimes explode. Atomized mist, hot oil vapor, friction, compression, higher temperatures, foreign objects, possible static electricity, when combined with oxygen might harm the environment. These factors have a vacuum inside.


Using the pump in an inert gas such as nitrogen gas explosion, and the tank with nitrogen to reduce the oxygen concentration (oxygen concentration less than 25%), the risk of explosion can be reduced. This method has been used in semiconductor manufacturing industry and Britain Sussex Edwards company, introduced the “Fumubolin” (Fomblin) inert lubricating fluid, it no matter what the occasion, contact with oxygen are no problem.


The vacuum pump can adapt to the new integrated circuit manufacturing process of corrosion requirements, such as available ceramics, refractory metals and noble metal fabrication.


The new pump will remain present and not all of the advantages of the pump of the pump current shortcomings. Cryopump, the low-temperature generator, and both the reliability of the compressor always will be further enhanced. Roughing mechanical pump, the clear degree will put at least an order of magnitude. According to a Japanese electronics company estimates that in the next few years, turbo pumps and cryogenic pumps will replace the oil diffusion pump, because of their higher cleanliness. The new magnetic bearing turbo molecular pump for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.


Vacuum Pump will have more computer interface, and even become self-diagnostic. Roughing chemical corrosion due to serious problems, which has self-monitoring capability will replace piston pump impeller pumps, piston pumps and will become outdated technology representatives. Looking 50 years later, many semiconductor manufacturers to carry out even to the outer space! Future vacuum process chambers will only be facing the back of a far-reaching and unpredictable valves in outer space only!

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