Liquid ring vacuum pump application in food industry

Liquid ring vacuum pump in the food industry has a very wide range of applications, the following mainly introduce the working process and the advantages of vacuum equipment.


First :Vacuum conveying equipment


Vacuum conveying equipments use vacuum and atmospheric space force produced by pressure difference exist to do work.Due to this kind of mechanical energy exists the pressure is uniform, the characteristics of the vacuum equipment in grain, flour, feed industry to use more.


Using the vacuum pump installed at the end of vacuum conveying equipment to suction the air in the system, make the conveying pipe form negative pressure under atmospheric pressure airflow, the material from the start with atmospheric suction nozzle into the pipeline, with airflow conveying to the finish line separator, the material particles separated by gravity and centrifugal force role from the air, after the gas dust removal by the vacuum pump or centrifugal fan atmosphere, green environmental protection.

Vacuum conveying equipment in the food industry is mainly used for grain loading and unloading, it can be placed in the port, wharf, silo or bulk material depots, the material suction, and sent to the other by feeding point, used for carrying bulk cargo ships, vehicles, such as no special modification, grain and other conveying powder feeding system is the ideal equipment of bulk materials.Can realize long-distance transport, easy to operate.


liquid vacuum reliable performance dust-free operation, loading and unloading of transfer material loss is small, high work efficiency.And small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure, easy installation, low noise, no vibration, maintenance is convenient.


Using negative pressure conveying way to deal with and handling, can improve the working environment of all kinds of food facilities, reduce the wear and tear of equipment by the dust, dust to protect operators from damage to the body, prevent the occurrence of dust explosion, still can reduce the dust pollution on the surrounding environment.Has great social benefits and environmental benefits.


Second, Vacuum dust removal


In China’s grain warehouses, applicable assignments, and in the process of production and processing, especially in the process of grain transshipment, dust produced by the big, bad work environment, more seriously, a lot of dust is likely to produce powder explosion, bring to people’s life and property safety country serious hidden trouble.


In the food industry in the field of modern production, more and more high to the requirement of dust.Production environment clean is not only to ensure that the necessary premise that some high quality products, and to improve the production environment, the protection of personal health, avoid secondary pollution has important significance.By vacuum dust removal way of green environmental protection, not only to improve all kinds of food set water ring vacuum pump working environment, and protect the individual health and prevent leakage of dust float in the sky and the occurrence of dust explosion, and to reduce the dust pollution on the surrounding environment.Vacuum dust has flexible layout, use convenient, wide range of high collection rate, effective collection, characteristics of reliability, while reducing secondary pollution can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and the harm of dust on the body.


Three, Vacuum packing


Vacuum packaging is make the goods into the sealed container, the container before sealing process of pumping air into vacuum state, make basic without air sealed container after a packing method.Vacuum packing method also known as vacuum packing method or exhaust packaging method.This kind of packing can block water vapor into the packaging of the container, also can prevent the moist air in the sealed moisture-proof packaging internal entities, condensation when the temperature drops.


Water ring vacuum pump vacuum packing method, attention should be paid to avoid too high vacuum degree.At present such as grain, oil processing and preservation are also basic is in a state of low-level, extensive, and refrigerated condition of our country also cannot be compared with the United States, Japan and other developed countries, causing huge loss and waste of resources of agricultural products.And vacuum packaging to maintain the quality of agricultural products of grain and nutrients, much food industry attention.Vacuum packing in addition to the control of ambient temperature and sterile, more important is to control food suitable gas environment, achieve the desired purpose in preservation.The main method is mechanical degassing extrusion type, straw type, etc.liquid ring vacuum pump either way, it is to put the air inside the bag, and then heat sealing.


Its main features are: to reduce the bag containing oxygen, inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria growth, control of food spoilage, achieve the goal of keeping fresh, with good quality.In addition, vacuum packaging, can also be resistant to mechanical stress, reduce the oscillation, both good for long distance transportation, and sales, the vacuum pump and vacuum system is mainly used in chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, paper making, metallurgy, building materials, electrical appliances, food, coal washing, processing, fertilizer and other industries, in many of the industrial production process, such as: vacuum filter, vacuum water diversion, vacuum feeding, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum resurgence and vacuum degassing is widely used, because the water ring pump in the gas compression is isothermal, therefore, can smoke except inflammable, explosive gas (explosion-proof motor) can also take in addition to the dust, water, gas, when the pump body material to be able to bear or endure corrupt, can also pump is corrosive gases.

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