How to correct use roots vacuum pump

Roots vacuum pump has a lot of advantages,  which can not be replaced by other vacuum pumps , its working temperature is no more than 50 ℃, if roots vacuum pump is working at low temperature, its pumping speed of gas will very fast, but he has a malpractice is cannot be used independently, there must be another one backing pump used together, it is to use the previous into pressure to roots vacuum pump, vacuum pump at this time, the roots vacuum pump to begin to work.


Under normal circumstances, before install backing vacuum pump , it is very necessary to install some protection measures, otherwise the roots vacuum pump will be damaged by overheating.So is must add protective measures.So how to choose one backing pump , when pumping water vapor gas, try to choose the level before the vacuum pump liquid ring vacuum pump is better, if is work under general conditions, you will need to choose other vacuum pump.


Seen from the above, the vacuum pump under the condition of different job backing pump of choice is different, we must pay attention to, or will bring harm to the vacuum pump

The roots vacuum pump (hereinafter referred to as roots pump) is a kind of rotary varactor vacuum pump.It is by the roots blower has evolved.Depending on the roots vacuum pump work scope, is divided into straight row of low atmospheric vacuum roots pump;The roots vacuum pump (also known as mechanical booster pump) and high vacuum multistage roots pump.


In general, roots pump has the following features:


In a wider range of pressure pumping speed greatly.Starting fast, can immediately work;To be smoke gas containing dust and water vapor is not sensitive;Rotor without lubrication, the pump cavity without oil;Small vibration, rotor dynamic balance condition is good, no exhaust valve;Driving power is small, small mechanical friction loss;Compact structure, cover an area of an area small;Operation maintenance cost is low.Therefore, roots vacuum pump in metallurgy, oil chemical industry, papermaking, food, electronic industry has been widely used.


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