Water ring vacuum pump performance

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The water ring vacuum pump is used to suction air and other non-corrosive, insoluble in water, does not contain solid particles of gas, in order to form a vacuum in a sealed container. Allowed in the inhaled gas mixed with a small amount of liquid, suitable for pumping in addition to gas and water vapor, the suction pressure to absolute pressure (97% vacuum) 33Mbar, should be connected when the state of the vacuum pump in the suction pressure below 80mbar long cavitation protection pipe in order to protect the pump, such as with an air ejector, suction pressure up 10Mbar, the injector can be installed directly in the vacuum pump, and price, reasonable pricing, is the ideal choice for your vacuum pump.


The the 2SK series water ring vacuum pump can not be used for pumping the high oxygen, toxic or chemical action of the gas in the pump oil. Pump coaxial Direct design, space-saving, easy to install. The mechanical seal as standard, eliminating the leak, easy maintenance, smooth operation, the noise can be as low as 62 db. Uniform corrosion-resistant design, bronze impeller to improve the corrosion resistance of the pump, stainless steel is more suitable for more demanding applications. The unique flexible exhaust port design, does not produce compression to ensure the 2SK series vacuum pump within the scope of its performance efficiency best.


The 2SK series liquid ring vacuum pump directly from atmospheric pressure to start pumping. Widely used in electronic device fabrication, vacuum drying, into the filter, impregnated, coated with wax, welding, smelting, chemical, light, petroleum, medical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, semiconductor, food, atomic energy, textile and other research institutes, universities , industrial and mining enterprises.

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