Condensable Gas Suction Vacuum Pump

If working medium contains water vapor, rotary vane pump can be selected irrespective water ring pump or vacuum unit, but a condensator is required at the inlet of the rotary vane pump so that the vapor is liquefied before entering the pump chamber. Since the condesator can not liquefy all vapor,lubricating oil’s situation should be paid attention during operation.If oil is qualitative changed or turbid or emulsified, replace it instantly,to ensure that the pump can achieve the expected vacuum. Or eles vacuum dregree will be reduced or cause damage to the pump.

Rotary vane vacuum pump need no regular maintenance. Pay more attention to oil level, oil color and state. Generally check the oil leve each week. When working in high inlet pressure or with gas ballast open, check oil level every day. Because pump oil is more easy to be evaporated. The time interval for oil change depends on the operating conditions. Oil should be replaced when it has poor lubrication, oil decomposition or obtained ultimate pressure rised because of too much contaminants.

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