Vacuum system of vacuum distillation plant

1.The features for vacuum system of vacuum distillation plant

(1) Must be able to remove steam and other various distillate discharge of steam;

(2)Vacuum systems for industrial vacuum distillation equipment need to have a larger pumping capacity, can extract the gas at higher temperatures;

(3)Vacuum system costs as low as possible, operating costs as little as possible, long-term safe and reliable operation;

(4)The operation of the vacuum system is environmentally friendly.

2.The types of vacuum pumps which suitable for vacuum distillation plant

(1)There are not many vacuum pumps capable of pumping water vapor and various materials, mainly jet vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pumps, wet Roots pumps and cryogenic condensing pumps.

(2)Reciprocating pump, slide valve pump, rotary vane vacuum system and Roots vacuum pump required to be configured in front of the trap, you can extract a certain amount of steam These mechanical vacuum pump configuration Gas valve and oil-water separator can extract a small amount of steam, But not suitable for use in vacuum distillation equipment.

3.The types of vacuum systems which suitable for vacuum distillation plant

(1)Steam jet pump system, see below picture Fig. 1

The whole system is all used the steam jet pumps and the features are:

a.No mechanical moving parts, work without lubrication, vibration and other conditions, the system without oil pollution;

b.Wide range of working pressure, multi-stage steam jet pump unit can work from the atmospheric pressure of 105 Pa, the ultimate pressure of 0.1 Pa;

c.Large suction capacity, mass flow from a few kilograms per hour to several hundred kilograms per hour;

d.The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable work and long service life, and can extract gases containing large amounts of water vapor, dust, inflammable, explosive and corrosive gases;

e.Generally the working steam pressure is 5X105 Pa ~ 15X105 Pa Pa.

(2)Steam jet ejector (pump) + liquid ring vacuum unit,see below picture Fig. 2

In the last stage of the steam jet pump unit (directly into the atmosphere) into a water ring pump, which is characterized by quick start, saving steam consumption, reducing operating costs, other performance and water vapor jet pump unit basically the same .

(3)Roots pump vacuum system, see below picture Fig. 3

Roots-based pump vacuum unit can be divided into Roots pump + water ring pump to form Roots ring pump unit; Roots pump + wet Roots pump, the composition of the two types of pure Roots pump unit.

Roots pump unit of the vacuum is relatively high, can be pumped from the atmospheric pressure to 10-2 Pa, pumping rate is smaller than the water vapor jet pump, the maximum pumping speed of the Roots pump up to 20000 L / s. Roots pump unit The failure rate is higher than that of steam jet pump unit, the capacity of pumping steam is small, and the Roots pump unit has fast pneumatic operation.

The above pictures are designed by Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. Based on different customer’s requirements in their vacuum distillation plant. Just for your reference. If you have any interest or have such requirements, please directly contact us. Thank you.

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