Nitrogen compressor

Nitrogen compressor is used to compress and transport dry nitrogen. In addition to the main engine, the unit also includes gas coolers at all levels, inlet and outlet buffers, asynchronous motors, oil supply devices, etc. The dry nitrogen enters the compressor through the filter and reaches the specified high pressure through the multi-stage compression final pressure. After each stage of compression, the hot flow gas is cooled through the water-cooled shell and tube heat exchanger.

The working pressure range of nitrogen compressor is 300mpa for liquid and 90Mpa for gas. According to the type of shaft, it can be divided into single shaft multi-stage type and double shaft four stage type.

Nitrogen compressor features:

(1) The working pressure range is large, different types of pumps can be selected to obtain different pressure areas, and the adjustment of the input air pressure and the output air pressure can be adjusted accordingly. It can reach extremely high pressure, 300mpa for liquid and 90Mpa for gas

(2) The flow range is wide. For all types of pumps, only 1kg air pressure can work smoothly. At this time, the minimum flow can be obtained. After adjusting the air intake, different flow can be obtained.

(3) Easy to control, from simple manual control to complete automatic control can meet the requirements.

(4) Automatic restart, no matter what causes the pressure drop of the pressure maintaining circuit, it will automatically restart, supplement the leakage pressure and keep the circuit pressure constant.

(5) Safe operation, gas driven, no arc and spark, can be used in dangerous situations.

(6) The maximum energy saving can reach 70%, because no energy is consumed to maintain the pressure.


Nitrogen compressor classification:

(1) according to the type of shaft: a single shaft multi-stage type, a shaft in series with several impellers.

B double shaft four-stage type, four impellers are respectively cantilever mounted on both ends of the two pinion, and the rotation depends on the motor to drive the pinion through the big gear.

(2) according to the type of cylinder: horizontal split type and vertical split type.

(3) classification by interstage cooling mode:

A. cooling outside the unit, after each section is compressed, the gas output outside the unit enters the cooler.

B. internal cooling, cooler and shell casting as a whole.

Nitrogen compressor parameters:

 Compressor Product Mode VW-0.92/5-30
 Type  V Type
 Compressed medium  Nitrogen gas
Nominal volume flow(m3/min)  0.92
 Suction pressure (MPa.G)  0.5
 Discharge Pressure (MPa.G)  3
 Suction temperature (℃)  ≤35
 Discharge temperature (℃)  ≤130
Final discharge temperature (℃)  ≤45
Rotational speed (r/min)  740
 Cooling mode Water cooling
 Noise (sound pressure level) dB(A)  ≤85
 Motor Model YPY-250M-8
 Motor power (KW ) 30
Rated voltage (V) 380
 Rated frequency(Hz)  50
 Rotational speed (r/min) 740
Motor protection class IP55
Compressor  size (L×W×H) mm ≈2600×1800×1800
Weight(kg) ≈2800


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