oil free compressor for air

Oil free air compressor is the only choice for some industries, including breweries, dental clinics, pharmaceutical companies, etc. If you need clean air and low emissions, oil-free compressors are the right choice. Not only do they produce the cleanest, highest quality air, but the dual pump design reduces operating costs by achieving the same in half the time of rotation.

Lubrication method of air compressor

All compressors, regardless of their type, require a lubrication method to reduce heat, friction, and wear of pumps and critical components. However, the biggest difference is whether the lubricant comes from the oil or from the special material coating.

Oil free lubrication

Oil free compressors do not use oil for lubrication. Instead, their wear-resistant parts are coated with special chemicals that reduce friction and are designed to be self lubricated for the life of the compressor.

Splash lubrication

The most common splash lubrication for oil lubricated air compressors is its pronunciation. These compressors use a rotating bucket (think of a small flat spoon) attached to the bottom of the connecting rod to swing oil from the reservoir and splash it onto internal moving parts.

Oil free compressor

These types of pumps (duplex) operate at lower rpm, thereby reducing noise, heat, and friction, thereby extending pump life, and combining with better casting / precise tolerances and better friction free coating, making oil-free a good choice. Choice in many applications.


Oil free compressor advantages:

1. Clean and dry air

2. Lighter and more portable

3. Maintenance free, oil free

4. No oil filter required

5. It can be used in cold weather

6. Quieter and more efficient

Oil free air compressor is widely used in medicine, food, electronics, chemical industry, packaging and other industries requiring high-quality air source. 100% pure compressed air is a necessary measure to ensure the process and product quality. You can produce your high-end products without risk and safety.

The lubrication system of oil-free air compressor is a separate oil supply circulating unit. The compression chamber and bearing are closely separated by high-performance mechanical seal components. The lubricating oil can only flow in its closed area and cannot enter the compression chamber. The compression chamber is pure air that does not contain. After slightly adding the post-treatment of water and dust removal, 100% pure compressed air can be obtained.

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