Oil free direct rotary vane vacuum pump

The oil-free direct coupled rotary vane vacuum pump is a single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump. A basic device used to extract gas from a sealed container to obtain a vacuum.

Oil free direct rotary vane vacuum pump can be used for air conditioning, refrigeration equipment repair, suction device of medical instruments, printing machinery, vacuum packaging, vacuum plastic absorption, physical and chemical experiments and small devices requiring vacuum environment. It can also be used as a small oil booster pump, oil diffusion pump, molecular pump, etc.

The oil-free direct rotary vane vacuum pump is not suitable for pumping out the gas containing particle dust, corrosive to ferrous metal, chemical reaction to pump oil, and toxic gas with high oxygen content and explosive. It can not be used as a transfer pump (i.e. pumping from one container to another).

Oil free direct rotary vane vacuum pump application:

1. The vacuum suction line of the automatic packaging line opens the bag and loads the material.

2. Paper vacuum pumping on printing machines.

3. High efficiency vacuum filling of various liquid injection bottles.

4. Vacuum molding of various plastic products.

5. Air tightness test of object surface in vacuum state.

6. Label of cartons and bottles shall be pasted by vacuum suction.

7. Plate making under vacuum suction.

8. The gas analysis under vacuum is guided by the pressure difference.

9. All kinds of medical machinery automatic line matching use.

10. The vacuum chuck clamp used to clamp the non-magnetic parts on the machine.

11. Leak test of various vessels under vacuum.

12. Application of food processing machinery.

13. Vacuum distillation and drying in Chinese and Western pharmaceutical plants.

14、 Vacuum suction in the operating room of the hospital.

15. Gas analysis, physical and chemical experiments in colleges, research institutes, factories and mines.

16. Supporting use of various medical instruments, etc.


Oil free direct rotary vane vacuum pump advantages and disadvantages :

The oil-free direct rotary vane vacuum pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and no environmental pollution. The oil-free vacuum pump has good durability. It is a vacuum pumping, compression and dual-purpose vacuum pump. It is a basic equipment with a wide range of applications to obtain vacuum.

Compared with the oil pump, the oil free direct rotary vane vacuum pump has the advantages of low vacuum degree, small air extraction volume, small size, easy installation, simple maintenance, convenient movement, no oil smoke and environmental pollution, especially in the laboratory with high requirements. It is also one of the most common equipment in the laboratory.

Therefore, when choosing oil free direct rotary vane vacuum pump, we should first determine the required vacuum degree. If the required vacuum degree is high, the selected vacuum pump will be higher than the required vacuum degree, otherwise, it will not meet the requirements of vacuum pumping. Secondly, the pumping rate of the oil-free direct vane vacuum pump should be slightly higher than the required pumping rate in the selection, so as to better meet the needs. Finally, check whether the extracted gas is corrosive. The corrosive gas will corrode the pump. Special materials must be used to meet the needs.

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