oil-free screw vacuum pump of attachment

It’s time to talk about the related knowledge of screw vacuum pump. Next, let’s talk about the accessories of oil-free screw vacuum pump. Please see the following description:

oil-free screw vacuum pump of attachment

1. When the shuttlecock is installed with dust, the air intake pipe should be installed.

2. When a large amount of steam is pumped out of the gas, condenser should be added before the intake pipe.

3. When the extracted gas contains corrosive gas, neutralization device should be installed before entering oil-free screw vacuum pump.

4. When the temperature of the extracted gas exceeds 35 ℃. Cooling device should be installed.

5. When the extracted gas contains a large amount of liquid, a separator should be installed in front of the intake pipe.

6. The starting current of the oil-free screw vacuum pump often exceeds several times of the rated current of the motor, so it should be equipped with a starting switch.

The main content of this issue is these, I hope you are more familiar with screw vacuum pump.

How to adjust the clearance of screw vacuum pump?

How to adjust the clearance of screw vacuum pump? This is the related question we will talk about in this issue. The answer to this question is in the following elaboration:

1. When checking and adjusting the clearance of screw vacuum pump, it is only necessary to move the impeller to the side wall close to the coupling direction, and then the edge end gap between the pump cover and the impeller can be measured by using the lead wire method.

2. If it exceeds the normal range, the thickness of the paper pad between the pump cover and the pump body can be adjusted until it meets the requirements.

3. If the impeller side or side wall wear more serious, this time, screw vacuum pump
With the increase of impeller clearance, only paper pad adjustment is not good, you can turn correction or replacement impeller, also can turn pump cover.

After the screw vacuum pump is used for a period of time, the distance between the rotor and the pump wall will become larger with the use of the vacuum pump. Therefore, after using for a period of time, check the clearance of the vacuum pump in time and adjust it to make it within the normal range.

The main content of this issue is these, I hope you can have a more in-depth understanding of the above content.

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