Saudi Arabia liquid ring vacuum pump

To introduce a Saudi Arabia liquid ring vacuum pump knowledge, is why to add check valve and drainage method. As follows:

Saudi Arabia liquid ring vacuum pump

Saudi Arabia liquid ring vacuum pump why add check valve

The check valve is a one-way valve. The vacuum of the vacuum pipeline is higher than the pump chamber when the pump stops, and the gas will enter the pump chamber from the exhaust port, bringing the water pressure to the vacuum pipeline. The function of the check valve is to prevent water from entering the pipeline. Liquid ring vacuum pump is equipped with check valve, mainly to protect:
1. Protection system: at the moment when the pump stops, the vacuum pump inlet and the connection of the system are in a vacuum state. The outlet of the pump is generally connected with the atmosphere, and the pressure will damage the system vacuum by putting the water pressure into the system. Check valves are normally installed at the pump inlet and system connections to protect the system.
2, protect the vacuum pump itself, gas reverse irrigation will impact the impeller, make the pump reverse rotation, in order to protect the pump body and other equipment, generally installed at the pump outlet check valve. Now more and more units install check valves into the outlet to protect the pump and system. If the system requirements are strict, there are also two check valves installed. The check valve ACTS as a check. Due to the vacuum pump after closed the containers in a vacuum state, and the vacuum pump chamber as big as the environment pressure, because of the pressure difference, when we close the vacuum pump, vacuum pump air could be back is pumped container, if we check valve in the pipeline installation, in close vacuum pump before closing the check valve, pump chamber air wouldn’t fall back to be smoked container. At the moment when the pump stops, the pressure of the exhaust port is greater than that of the air inlet. In order to prevent the water in the water ring pump from being pressed back to the vacuum system, a check valve is added to the air inlet. Also called check valve or check valve.

What are the methods of oil discharge of liquid ring vacuum pump in Saudi Arabia

1. In the case of oil discharge of 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump, the height of liquid level interval oil tank roof shall not exceed 30mm to ensure the smoothness and cooling of each bearing in the pump.

2, speed regulating type 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump first run 500h, should change the oil and clean the oil tank and filter.

3, in the liquid level drop in a short period of time the bearing by adding oil and plunger tension spout oil to smooth, oil filter tank and pump is made of 230 mesh/inch copper wire mesh, oil screen should often clean to prevent blocking, the oil temperature in the tank should not exceed 60℃, when necessary to adopt appropriate measures to cool.

The above is about Saudi Arabia liquid ring vacuum pump add check valve and drain method, hope Saudi Arabia liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer small series to share the content, can help you need.

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