oil less rotary vane type vacuum pump

Product application field
Oil free rotary film vacuum pump is used in electronic parts installation machinery, photographic plate making machine (exposure machine), printing machinery, label pasting machine, packaging machine, etc.

oil less rotary vane type vacuum pump
The oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump is used as the vacuum source for adsorption and transportation, and can replace the vacuum pump for jet pump.

Installation instructions
1. Place the vacuum pump as far as possible in a well ventilated, less dust and low humidity position; the base is fixed with rubber damping feet or springs.
2. The air inlet is connected with 1 / 4-12npt or 1 / 2-20npt connector or other specifications, inlet filter muffler and other devices, and connect the pipe; the outlet pipe or muffler.
3. The power supply used should have enough capacity to confirm that the voltage used meets the product requirements.
4. Connect the power supply and capacitor lines according to the wiring requirements.
5. After checking that all components of the vacuum pump are normal, plug the power line plug into the power socket that meets the requirements (the power socket must be well grounded), and the machine starts to work.
6. Adjust the pressure regulating valve so that the pressure gauge indicates the required pressure and is stable.
7. When the vacuum pump is not in use, adjust the pressure regulating valve to drain the air, and then cut off the power supply.
8. It is strictly forbidden to pull the outgoing line at will to avoid damage or product failure.

1. Clean the outside of the cabinet. When the power is cut off, clean the dust and dirt on the outside of the shell with a dry and soft cloth at least once a month.
2. cleaning of intake filter silencers, cleaning of filter mufflers and filtration of cotton is very important. It directly affects the flow and life of vacuum pumps, cleaning at least once a month. Please screw down the mufflers, dismantle the muffler cover, remove the filter cotton, rinse it with water, cool it dry, and install it again. If it can not be cleaned, replace the filter cotton.
3. When using, please tighten the fixing bolts of the base and damping foot, and place them in a ventilated and clean place as far as possible.
4. When the vacuum pump is working, do not touch any components on the machine.
5. This product is oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump. It is strictly prohibited to add oil for lubrication.
6. When the product is not used for a long time, please clean it up and put it in a ventilated and dry place.

Matters needing attention
1. Design displacement: the theoretical value measured by the volume and the range of vacuum degree (exhaust pressure) that may be used.
2. The speed of this pump is designed for increasing speed. It can not be used in 60Hz area. Please contact the company when it is at 60Hz
3. Operating environment (inhaled air) condition temperature: 0-40 ℃, temperature: normal temperature (65 + 20%)
4. The allowable fluctuation range of power supply voltage is + – 10% of rated voltage. Please set overload protector (thermal relay, etc.)
5. The setting value is subject to the rated and current value recorded on the motor label, 110% at 50 Hz and 120% at 60 Hz

Our services
1: Samples can be provided for trial use and replacement within 7 days
2: The technical team is on call 24 hours a day to provide technical solutions
3: According to your needs, we can customize different products for you
4: Warehouse operation, a large number of spot
5: Product quality warranty for one year, lifelong maintenance!

Product packing: wooden box or thick carton with foam to ensure product safety.

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