PCB vacuum pressing vacuum unit

PCB vacuum pressing Roots liquid ring vacuum unit

PCB vacuum pressing vacuum unit

In the copper clad plate and PCB industry can almost be used in the vacuum pressing machine, the purpose of the use of vacuum pressing machine is to reduce the generation of bubbles between the copper clad plate and the circuit board when pressing, so as to improve the insulation performance of the circuit board.

Application status of PCB vacuum pressing machine:

1. The traditional vacuum pressing machine generally uses the oil rotary vane vacuum pump. Although the vacuum degree can meet the requirements, the oil rotary vane vacuum pump uses the vacuum oil as the sealing medium.

2. The heating temperature of the vacuum pressing machine is generally more than 200 degrees. Under the high temperature, the raw materials evaporate into gas and suck into the vacuum pump, condensing in the vacuum oil, polluting the vacuum oil as impurities and damaging the internal mechanism of the vacuum pump.

3. Water and vacuum oil reaction, make the vacuum oil emulsification and lost the vacuum oil sealing, cooling and lubrication functions.

4. The oil rotary vane vacuum pump should be frequently maintained and maintained, and change the vacuum oil regularly to reduce the loss of labor and consumables.

The characteristics of modified PCB vacuum pressing vacuum

1. Roots vacuum pump is characterized by fast start, less power consumption, low operation and maintenance costs, high pumping speed, high efficiency, insensitive to a small amount of water vapor and dust contained in the pumped gas, a large pumping rate in the range of 100 ~ 1 Pa pressure, can quickly eliminate the sudden release of gas.

2. Liquid ring vacuum pump impeller eccentric installation, no contact with the pump cavity without wear.

3. Using water as a seal, can be recycled at low cost, no pollution to the environment.

4. The maintenance cycle is more than 5 years, no need for special maintenance, almost no wearing parts.

EVP design of environmental protection and energy saving vacuum pump application scheme – Roots water ring vacuum unit.

Liquid ring vacuum pump replaces rotary vane vacuum pump, liquid ring pump is more energy saving than the original rotary vane vane pump, almost no maintenance, suitable for the application of vacuum pressing machine, but also get rid of the pollution of vacuum oil mist to the environment, better to protect the health of employees!

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