Piston vacuum pump for water intake in air

Piston vacuum pump takes water in the air

The limit vacuum of piston vacuum pump is 4 x 102pa-103pa for single stage, 1pA for double stage and 45m3 / h-20000m3 / h for pumping gas from sealed container. The temperature of the extracted gas is not more than 35.

If auxiliary equipment, such as freezer, is added, steam can also be extracted. The exhaust of piston vacuum pump is large, which is mainly used for vacuum impregnation, vacuum treatment of molten steel, vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum crystallization, vacuum dry bath, vacuum filtration and vacuum operation of concrete.

The piston vacuum pump uses the piston ring and sealing ring of self-lubricating material, so there is no need to add oil for lubrication in the cylinder; an oil separation chamber is added between the cylinder and the engine body (its length is greater than one stroke length) to prevent the lubricating oil in the engine body from leaking into the cylinder along the piston rod, so the pump has no pollution to the pumped system. The piston vacuum pump has vertical and horizontal structures.

The reason why vacuum vessels are used is to make the brine boil when it is far below 100 ℃, so as to reduce the energy consumption of distillation process. Distilled water flowing out of a special filling pipe is a process of continuous vacuum pumping, so piston vacuum pump is used. After distillation, the concentrated brine will be reintroduced to the top of the tower to absorb the water in the air.


Piston vacuum pump for water intake in air

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