Water ring pump gas transport in the sugar mill

In sugar industry, we often used to pump gas by water ring pump, water ring pump is pumping the gas in the sugar industry special safety equipment, its characteristic is the spare part sugar layer of desorption gas effectively, reduce the burden of sugar mill ventilation, and the equipment is out of the gas concentration is higher, the product comply with the relevant regulations of the sugar mill equipment manufacturing requirements.

liquid ring vacuum pump with high efficiency, large swept volume, the advantages of simple and convenient maintenance.Water ring vacuum pump inner cavity shunt design make the inhalation of water is large, the impeller is not easy to damage.

Gas drainage vacuum pump selection should pay attention to the extraction rate of gas drainage pump must meet the mine gas, the largest gas drainage pump pressure must be satisfied to overcome the gas pipeline system pressure loss, the biggest and drainage pump itself has high air tightness high reliability, drainage pump must have a safety sign, for motor and other electrical equipment must have a guarantee safety and explosion-proof certificate.

water ring vacuum pump application field is also very widely, also including the dyeing, plastic, green packaging, casting, sugar, glass, paper, salt industry, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, medical, food, nuclear material, water engineering, daily chemical, metal and other industries.

Water Ring Pump Gas Transport In The Sugar Mill

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